Published on September 4th, 2014 | by Dale Webb


LLI Research Centre

There’s now been an LLI Research Centre topic created within the low latent inhibition forum in order for anyone who wishes to take part in or discuss potential research into various aspects of LLI.

Whether you’re someone who has LLI and would like to contribute to research or are an academic or professional looking for people willing to help you out with any research, you are welcome to discuss and take part here.

Those who aren’t already registered for the forum will need to do so in order to log in, and can do so by following the link HERE.

For those who are already forum members, logged in and would like to view the research centre you may take this link HERE.

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2 Responses to LLI Research Centre

  1. Mason Morris says:

    I notice that i have half of the pros and half of the cons, I just want to know what this means.

  2. Ryan says:

    Is there’s a test to take for lli

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