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This page contains links to online information and articles in relation to both latent inhibition and low latent inhibition and will be updated gradually as more articles are found or as new articles are published. Please note that the full articles will not be published on this website and in order to view them you will need to take the relevant links included.

Although not all of the articles are dedicated specifically to low latent inhibition, many of them mention it as a factor in the research involved and are very useful as they cover a very broad area, which low latent inhibition itself also seems to do in terms of the characteristics and traits involved with it.


Decreased Latent Inhibition is Associated with Increased Creative Achievment in High-Functioning Individuals
– Shelley H. Carson, Daniel M. Higgins and Jordan B. Peterson. Link here

Openness and Extraversion are Associated with Reduced Latent Inhibition: Replication and Commentary
– Shelley Carson, Jordan B. Peterson and Kathleen W. Smith. Link here

What’s a “thinking cap” and could it make me a genius? The Link between Madness and Creativity.
– Josh Clark. Link here

– Dr Rajiv Desai. Link here (This article is primarily based on creativity but does mention low latent inhibition and how fluctuations in LLI have a potential influence on an individuals creativity).

Low Latent Inhibition, High Faith in Intuition and Psychosis/Creativity.
– Sandeep Gautam. Link here

Genetic Influences on Latent Inhibition
– Thomas J. Gould and Jeanne M. Wehner. Link here

Latent Inhibition and Openness to Experience in a High-Achieving Student population
– Shelley Carson and Jordan B. Peterson. Link here

Clinical Features of Latent Inhibition in Schizophrenia
– C. Rascle, O. Mazas, G. Vaiva, M. Tournant, O. Rayboi, M. Goudemand, P. Thomas. Link here

Latent Inhibition and Psychometrically Defined Schizotypy: An Experimental Investigation
– Elias Tsakanikos. Link here

Disruption and Potentiation of Latent Inhibition by Risperidone: The Latent Inhibition Model of Atypical Antipsychotic Action
– Ina Weiner, Daniela Schiller and Inna Gaisler-Salomon. Link here

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Patients Display Enhanced Latent Inhibition on a Visual Search Task
– Oren Kaplan, Reuven Dar, Lirona Rosenthal, Haggai Hermesh, Mendel Fux and R.E. Lubow. Link here

Latent Inhibition and Context Change in Psychometrically Defined Schizotype
– Elias Tsakanikos and Phil Reed. Link here

Super-latent Inhibition with Delayed Conditioned Taste Aversion Testing
– L. G. De La Casa and R. E. Lubow. Link here

Latent Inhibition and Psychosis-Proneness: Vidual Search as a Function of Pre-Exposure to tyhe Target and Schizotypy Level.
– Elias Tsakanikos, Line Sverdrup-Thygenson and Phil Reed. Link here

Latent Inhibition Effects Reflected in Event-Related Brain Potentials in Healthy Controls and Schizophrenics
– Yossi Guterman, Richard C. Josiassen, Theodore E. Bashore, Michele Johnson and Robert E. Lubow. Link here

Latent Inhibition and Autonomic Responses: A Psychophysiological Approach.
– Diter Vaitl and Ottmar V. Lipp. Link here

Nicotine Enhances Latent Inhibition and Ameliorates Ethanol-Induced Deficits in Latent Inhibition.
– Thomas J. Gould, Allan C. Collins and Jeanne M. Whener. Link here

Articles taken from the following sites:

How Stuff Works
Future Pundit
Dr Rajiv Desai
Mouse Trap Blog Spot

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