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Pros and Cons Updated

The pros and cons page has finally been updated and I’d encourage people to have a read and offer any thoughts, experiences or potential additions to the lists in the comments section at the bottom of the page.

You can find the pros and cons page through the main menu bar at the top of by taking the link HERE.


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7 Responses to Pros and Cons Updated

  1. Sam Winder says:

    I have an iq higher than 130 but when you mean iq score, do you mean the Mensa test? Please replie

  2. Michele Beaupre says:

    My son is 18 and thinks he has lli. I don’t know anything about it but reading everything I have on the site it seems he may. He stays up for 32 to 48 hrs because he can not turn the thoughts off, he has told me he has had preminations, he has not been able to hold down a job and I have sent him to several Drs trying to figure out the problem. We live in Louisiana is there someone close that he can go to for this, or where can I bring him to see if he has this. Please help me.

  3. Shelley says:

    Need more information about this problem

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  5. Agnes Grant says:

    This Hub appears to be very informative but I don’t see any replies to people who are desperate to help themselves or a loved one whose lives have been absolutely turned upside down and are suffering because they have a condition (if you may) or a personality trait. We need information on who can diagnose or assistance us with how to manage this and proceed productively in our lives. Please someone respond to us with where we can go to speak to a doctor who can empathize and make evident this reality. A name a phone number whatever. I am willing to travel the earth to find someone who can help my son!

  6. Jimmy Feng says:

    Hope you are doing good, Sir.

    When I was young, I predicted several man-made disaster in my family, i wasn’t aware of LLI then. Now I realised my brain would process somthing that out of my control. Especially I experienced some failure, it’s all because of my family. Now when i face the same stimuli, the so called “pattern”,would lead me to the thought of failure again, the psychological protection mechanism would stop me doing that, even don’t want give a try. I know the outcome will be different, but my brain make it feel like it has happend, and i feel like i am experiencing it. So how to break the “ice” which surrounded me. I am pretty sure this is because of LLI, common people won’t be suffered something which never happened like it has happened.
    I read people, sense people, think ahead of people, I know certain character/ personality would do certain things, I can predict people’s idea and actions. But sometimes I find myself like a closed book, like i am interesting in new things, my curiousity, even the way home after work, i would like to choose some i have never droven on, seems like i always want to be in a new environment!
    Could you give me some suggestions about how to overcome this or any website or books that i can get answers!

    Best regards,


  7. Cristina Andrei says:

    Very real for me all is true describe myself,wow

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