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  1. ANGELO says:

    i would like to know more .not about having a test cause i know i have it but for more study.i feel in my mind everything going full speed and the world around me stay still.i can reach the end of a conversation before it even begins.i want to know more ,get in touch with people with same symptomes which i fell a blessing not a condition but still…..i find it difficult to accociate with people when i sense that……

  2. Calum says:

    Does anybody know of any locations in Wales, UK or online tests available that can identify whether one has LLI.
    I suspect it due to an ability in maths and physics which has allowed me to excel throughout life, finding it easier to converse with elders throughout life and being extremely aware of my surroundings

  3. Trevor says:

    Well, I don’t know exactly where to start but I’ll try my best: My whole life I’ve felt like there was something…”off” about me compared to my peers, like I don’t belong. I’ve always taken Adderall to counteract my apparent ADHD diagnosis. But throughout my life I’ve felt lost. Sometimes overwhelmed by a world that doesn’t understand. When people ask me what I’m thinking about, I usually don’t bother telling people because they don’t understand that I wasn’t just thinking about one thing, but a string of thoughts I guess would be a good way to put it. So I usually say “Nothing,” because it’s easier than trying to explain my thoughts. I didn’t always struggle in school. In elementary, before I knew better, I excelled in academics. But then when I hit middle school that’s when I took a step back and really examined things. I doubted the education system because in my mind it’s stupid, and I shouldn’t have to conform, or be forced to go to classes that I know I will never need in my life. I also believe school is not necessary to succeed in life, an idea my parents and peers find “childish.”

    And yet that angers me, when people don’t understand what i’m trying to say because to me, it’s obvious.

    I guess my whole life I’ve struggled with my identity, being adopted from South Korea from my Mom, who was 16 when she had me. And yet I don’t know her, nor do I know what she looks like.

    I’m raised in a religious house, yet I’m atheist because telling me that the world is the way it is because God made it so, just isn’t good enough for me. I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t settle for “that’s the way it is” and instead wants to find the answers. I guess that’s why I’m here writing to you guys, or whoever runs this site. I don’t know if anyone else has felt this way, I just feel different than everyone else.


  4. Alex Power says:

    Fortunately i have LLI and a high IQ but very unfortunately i have chronix Anxiety which i think stems from this constant stream of information coming in from all angles at all times.

    I have a very strange ability that i have noticed and it applies to people… I have always been well educated and fooled around in school but always had the answers due to my logical self being able to process the information quicker than usual. Although it became weird as i got slightly older and started coming into contact with more people. I could tell them how they felt and saw themself. For instance if someone was very outspoken and confident and also very attractive i could within 5 minutes tell them why they feel that way and come up with logical explanations and several scenarios which in turn makes them feel such a way. Such as i often told people that although i didnt know them i knew that they have serious self doubt and self worth issues and mapped out why i know this or think this.

    I also learn subjects and skills in a rapid speed, i learned how to build computers, diagnose problems, repair computers, upgrade and make them more efficient within a couple of months.

    Although my biggest downfall comes with my anxiety… My massive feeling of worry and doubt over literally nothing at all. A constant feeling that something is going to go wrong or im in trouble or im being watched or someone knows my deepest darkest secrets. It’s absolutely soul crushing.

    Also something i myself dont believe in because i can’t explain them is i have preminitions in the forms of dreams. I sometimes dream situations and although the real life doesnt go scene from scene the end result is more often than not the same as the outcome of the dream. Example – I went home from work, went to sleep, dreamt i was going to be moved over to another team within the company i work for. Went into work the next day, called into the Directors office, they asked me to move on to the mentioned team. Creepy right..?

  5. Aaron James says:

    I have recently been diagnosed with LLI. I had never heard of it, until recently, so I’m learning as much as possible about it. I’m 32 years old. When I was a child, I was diagnosed and treated for ADD. Twenty-five years later, I’m being told that was a misdiagnoses. My mother recently told me that when I was originally tested for ADD, the first doctor I was sent to didn’t diagnose me with ADD, as he wasn’t convinced I had it. It was another doctor, who had (mis)diagnosed me.

    I was treated with amphetamines to treat my apparent ADD. This helped me, tremendously. I took myself off these drugs about five years ago. Now, with a different diagnosis, I’m being treated with the same amphetamine I was using, before. Although I don’t like amphetamines, it seems to be very helpful, when taken chronically.

  6. Michele Beaupre says:

    My son is 18 and thinks he has lli. I don’t know anything about it but reading everything I have on the site it seems he may. He stays up for 32 to 48 hrs because he can not turn the thoughts off, he has told me he has had preminations, he has not been able to hold down a job and I have sent him to several Drs trying to figure out the problem. We live in Louisiana is there someone close that he can go to for this, or where can I bring him to see if he has this. Please help me.

    • David says:

      You probably won’t get this reply considering it’s five years since the post, but I hope it can help others. I have LLI. So many of my oddities make so much sense now. I used to have regular problems sleeping, or just focusing on a single thing at one time, but two tools have helped me significantly in recent years, one prescription, and one supplement that that practically the same basic effect of the prescription. First, I am treated with Lamotrigine, which instead of directly weakening my extra-active brain, gives the brain an enhanced capability to handle and balance the extra information. Second, for days or nights where I am particularly overwhelmed, the well studied and highly safe supplement called L-Theanine makes a huge difference. It’s available on Amazon and not expensive. I prefer the Nature’s Trove brand. I take 6+ capsules when I can’t handle the overload day or night. It makes all the difference in my ability to fall asleep. My entire family has a broad spectrum of this autistic-type trait, and the L-Theanine has helped all of them at one time or another. Both the prescription and the supplement work on the same pathways in the brain, but obviously the prescription is stronger. Hope this helps, good luck.

  7. Jarid Clapp says:

    I stumbled upon the website and began reading thinking it was just like me. I went to the PROs and CONs and I have all the PROs and more than half the CONs to the letter. My entire life I have realized that I am different but didn’t know why. I hated school because the other people were so slow. I was moved to advanced classes and college credit classes. I remember one day I was half asleep in the back of my Algebra class. Some girl asked the teacher why he allowed me to basically sleep in class every day. He replied because I get As on all the tests. So without saying a word I stood up. Went to the chalkboard where a problem the entire class was trying to solve was written. Looked at it, then wrote the answer and returned to my nap. Mainly because I couldn’t sleep at night. Here a class of more than 20 people couldn’t figure out how to solve the problem and I did it in just a second. I could talk about countless examples just like that. However most of the time people don’t believe I figured something out until after the fact. This has made it extremely difficult for me socially and in a result I have few friends. I have been a smart ass my entire life so anymore even if I know the solution I bite my tongue. This only snowballs the social side of things in life. I am said to be stubborn because I won’t try someone’s idea that I know will fail, I know mine is better because it has a greater chance of success. I grew up working on cars basically as soon as I could walk with my grandfather. Never can I recall one time he “gave me a lesson” on how something worked. I seen it and could see how it worked in my head. I am just glad I found this and can put a name on how I act so others can begin to understand.

    • Randy Murray says:

      This scenario fits me to a T. From the anxiety issue straight to the working on cars. Learned also from my grandfather at a very young age the same way. Also the school situation. Especially math. It’s just like I wrote this post myself earlier. ?????? Are all of these common traits as well? I must find out.

  8. Conrad Pinnock says:

    Thank you for the description you provided for LLI. You mention there no official diagnostic tests or scales for determining LLI and at the same time state group admins have been diagnosed with LLI to ensure… can you say something on the method used as the diagnostic? Thanks.

  9. Wendycrane says:

    Hi my son is 24 and it’s only in the pass couple of weeks he’s realised he DONT think like others only by reading an article on LLI .hw said he through everyone think like him how did I not notice anything when he was growing up and why has it come out now .I would like to buy a book on this subject but I don’t know where to look many thanks

  10. James says:

    I always knew something was different about me, i felt alone in a room full of people, i never felt like anyone understood me and i always overthought. I constantly think about everything, the reason for things, what could happen, i mentally evaluate people and can tell why they act a certain way, whether it’s down to a trauma or self consciousness etc, i have agoraphobia, which is an anxiety surrounding large open spaces, and it gets especially worse with people around. I see things others don’t see, i can tell when someone’s got a new haircut or new pair of glasses even if the change is very very minimal, i can mentally imagine almost a camera zooming in on objects right down to the minuscule stitchings for example. I don’t sleep well, i lose track of thoughts, i hate school with a passion for the single mind robotic like mind trial they send us on, i hate being told what to do when it leads to no creativity, i’m very creative. God, i don’t even know if this is LLI but it sure does sound like it

  11. Joseph Oakden says:

    I could never figure out what it was. I thought it was ADHD. I just know when somebody would offer up a solution to a problem I could quickly scan through and tell if that solution would work or not. usually less than 30 seconds.

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