Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of living life with low latent inhibition listed on this page are based on my own personal experience and the experience of others I know who also have LLI. It is important to remember that although those with LLI do share several consistent advantages and disadvantages, the fact that it is a personality trait rather than a set syndrome or condition means that there are also many variables which influence how somebody with LLI experiences life.

The variables include but are not limited to personality type, IQ level, other psychological factors (such as OCD), upbringing, education and environmental influences. Many of these advantages and disadvantages have been discussed in greater detail detail in the Facebook awareness group and the forums, and I would encourage anyone seeking further information to explore both.



  • Increased awareness of your surrounding environment and noticing things around you nobody else usually does such as noises or movements. For example you may be engaged in conversation with someone but you can hear and understand several conversations around you between other people that you’re not actually having to focus on , or you recognize patterns or trends in sounds that nobody else does.
  • Being able to learn new things extremely quickly, especially if you are interested in the subject. You notice that you grasp or understand things much quicker than other people and on a much deeper level.
  • You are able to reach the same depth of conversation and make the same advanced connections in something you are only mildly interested in as somebody without low latent inhibition who is extremely passionate and knowledgeable in the given area.
  • You may find that you are often able to answer questions before they have actually been asked, because it always feels like you’re a step ahead in terms of where conversations are going.
  • You can understand people’s intentions and are always asking yourself what the reason or the point is in things, including why people ask you the questions they do. Instead of a conversation progressing from point 1 to points 2, 3, 4 and finishing at 15, you may find that it’s more like you actually go from point 1 to points 7, 12, 15.
  • You are always adapting to the environment you find yourself in and are never stuck for choices no matter how complex a situation may be.
  • You are extremely creative because your mind is often able to make distinct connections between things that seem totally unrelated to anybody else.
  • You automatically and without hesitation find yourself breaking down everything in order to get to the root cause or the starting point and are able to naturally understand what the reason behind almost anything is.
  • You see reason and logic in things that others do not and constantly make leaps in logic to an extremely accurate degree.
  • You are able to read people and situations extremely well and see through lies, deception or ill intent. You are extremely perceptive and cannot be manipulated easily.
  • When preparing for a situation you often find yourself going over as many possible scenarios as possible and try to prepare for the possibility of each of them occurring.
  • You have a very strong natural comprehension for cause and effect. This can apply to people, actions, pretty much anything. You know that if ‘x’ should occur then ‘a’, ‘b’, ‘c’ and ‘d’ will occur as a result. You are able to consider an incredible number of variables, dependant upon the initial action.
  • Sometimes it seems as though you’re operating on a different frequency to those around you who don’t have low latent inhibition. It’s almost as though you are able to operate on what seems almost like an invisible level, which provides you with a very strong ability to control and influence your surrounding environment without other people noticing that you’re doing so.
  • You have an incredibly strong intuition. Your instincts are hardly ever wrong and it may feel as though you can predict a lot of things before they happen. This doesn’t mean you can see into the future or read minds, but rather that you are able to use more stimuli to piece together logical conclusions that make it seem to those around you as though you can actually see into the future. You’re actually able to see things that they don’t because your brain is processing stimuli that their brains are not, and that stimuli to them, doesn’t exist.
  • You are able to create associations between people/items/objects and the stimuli that goes with them in very advanced ways or ways in which other people can’t. For example in your place of work you may be able to tell exactly who’s moving around the building from the sound of their footsteps or the way in which they walk without you actually seeing that person.
  • You may be an extremely good driver, with a very strong ability to perceive hazards and apply the cause and effect advantage as mentioned above in pretty much all driving scenarios.


  • It can be incredibly hard to get to sleep at night because your thoughts are racing. It’s very hard to stop asking yourself questions that lead to answers which spawn other questions.
  • You may have been misdiagnosed with a form of autism or with ADHD/ADD, or professionals may not have actually been able to tell you what exactly is ‘different’ about you.
  • You can find yourself very easily overwhelmed in busy situations. By ‘busy’ situations I mean either when facing a lot of external stimuli such as noises, sounds, sights etc or when facing a lot of internal stimuli such as the consideration that “if this happens then that will happen, which will cause this to happen, but maybe that happening wouldn’t be as good as this happening” and it can feel as though you are stumbling over your own thoughts.
  • You can go off on tangents very easily which can often confuse other people around you.
  • You can very easily forget your train of thought due to many other trains of thought all spanning off the original thought. This means that you’ll spend a lot of time trying to remember what it was you were just thinking and then frantically tracing back your order of thoughts until you manage to get to the source.
  • You absolutely despise following rules that stifle your creative ability, or especially where you are told to follow a rule that you believe should not apply to you as the rule is based on people who have certain limits to their ability in ways that you do not.
  • You dislike or disliked school due to the way in which things were taught. They seemed far too linear and bland and didn’t offer you enough of an intake or enough information to interest you.
  • You can be very intolerant of those around you, especially people who take longer to think of things than you do, or when having to become part of a team where you feel the other team members hold you back.
  • You absolutely hate limits and conforming to anything in general. It feels as though conforming to anything completely strips you of your own unique intuition and way of seeing things.
  • You can become very easily frustrated when you have spotted a connection in something that to you is perfectly logical, but nobody else understands that connection.
  • You can often feel very lonely as though nobody understands you or nobody ever will, because the way you see the world and the way your mind processes things is completely unique and in a league of it’s own, something you would very much like to feel a connection to somebody else with.
  • Some people will turn to narcotics or chemicals because it feels as though it helps them escape from or dulls down the constant influx of stimuli, for example alcohol or marijuana.
  • You may have a very addictive personality, probably due to the fact that you like familiar stimuli and that doing new things or going new places guarantees that you will be bombarded by a whole host of stimuli that you wont want to have to process.
  • You may suffer from social anxiety, or high levels of anxiety in general.
  • You may get annoyed by very quiet and discreet sounds/noises that are hardly noticeable to anybody else yet really seem to drive you crazy.
  • Driving may be extremely hard and off putting as you’re not able to fully concentrate on anything, you feel as though there are too many distractions.

Although I’m sure there are many other pros and cons that could be added to the list, I have tried to focus on the main points that seem to have the greatest number of people over the last few years highlight them. If you feel that there should be any more included in the main list then please add a comment at the bottom of this article or send an e-mail to

Dale Webb

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  1. Tom says:

    Hi. I was just wondering if there would be any affects with LLI and insomnia??

    • Dale Webb says:

      Yes definitely – this is mentioned in our forum actually and also in our facebook group as it is a very common, if not guaranteed downside of having low latent inhibition. Please have a look in the forum etc and if you can’t find any answers or discussions there that provide the information you require, I’ll respond myself specifically.

      • Gene McIntosh says:

        Hello my name is Gene McIntosh. And feel like I suffer from LlI. How would I be able to join this Facebook group?

      • Jake says:

        Is there anything specific on the effects of LLI coupled with PTSD? This ruining my life. I saw a YouTube video from a young man who spoke of 2 groups segregated within the condition of LLI he labeled them breeds saying that breed 1 uses this condition to their advantage and breed 2 is used by this condition. Now I dont have a 460^ intelligence quotient like Ana… I apologize that was rude but only meant teasingly. But I’m most definitely being used by this condition and I dont know how to survive this. I live in southeast Idaho most health care professionals and yes even psychiatric care providers dont even know what LLI is here. People dont understand, my wife didn’t understand, 10 years 2 children and she cheated on me and left me. But she felt like I was choosing to shut things out because I’m too lazy to deal with it. It controls me so much that when I hit my low point in my life when my father died I shot myself in the chest with a 9mm. Laying there on the floor choking on blood unable to scream out in pain. I still couldn’t escape this bullshit. I’m laying on the floor dying and I’m thinking about the the police breaking my door down after the gunshot happend and all I could think about was why did they do that the door isnt even locked did they even try the handle, and If they did then is it safety protocol to use a door buster anyways to disorient the person or persons inside with the loud noise and quick movement… all of this while I’m drowning in blood

        • Memphis says:

          I can understand both ways of LLI normally. Like 99% of life and situations LLI truly helps me in a thousand ways. But I found once I had some insanity happen that sank my company at it’s best sales time ever and attempts on my life that I do still have a breaking point eventually. Once the insane shit started pushing me into a very high stressful list of situations it ended up giving me PTSD that has been hard to push out of. But now 2 years after that I am creating new awesome products to bounce my life back. But I feel these certain situations that will cause any of us with LLI to receive the great blessing of PTSD, that these things would probably cause most ptsd. I have learned my stress level can handle more and more through out life and that I normally do not ever get stressed when most for sure would. Like back in my late 20’s I was taking for 20 something thousand dollars twice in a years time while my wife was cheating on me during those times and I just gave up on life pretty much and lost everything, but then started over and bounced back very fast in a whole new industry with my 9th grade education, I was very smart but my boredom had me in trouble a lot as a teenager.. But anyway, years after I stressed over my wife and $50,000 stolen from me (which had me starting life over) I was then taken for $105,000 over a 2 year period in my late 30’s and never stressed out over it and just kept pushing to fix it. But once another $130,000 was embezzled from my company in a 3 month period and multiple attempts on my life and more I finally stressed the fuck out. So not sure, but I think LLI does normally help you not stress out when most would. Then once you do stress out, you will bounce back and will be able to handle much much more before you stress out. I really do hope you have bounced back, sounds like you have been through insane hell as well. 5 years before I started that last company I spent 2 months in a coma & 3 months in the trauma unit after I crashed at 140mph when my tire blew at the wrong time. Ended waking up and surviving internal decapitation and brain damage bleeding through 2 layers of my brain and more. But obviously survived with a 2% chance and a zero percent to walk. But my determination, non stop thinking on ways to push myself to get better, I did get so much better where most do not notice even. The last business was started to help me push myself harder actually and in return I got off the walker my surgeon kept telling me to get use to and I just kept telling him he was wrong that I would get off that walker. He was great and actually one of the very few smart doctors I have dealt with since then. So he was amazed to see me come in walking one day. But point is, I never stressed when that crash and list of injuries turned my life upside down. When everyone else kept telling me they would of gave up with that much pain & amount of injuries. So hopefully you have learned to push past that stress by now and from now on you will handle stressful situations MUCH better than most from here on out. I know this was long, but shortest version I could to help you understand that the hard times will help you and will actually help you more than most if you also have LLI. Like everything, it has it’s good and bad. But LLI helps you learn more and more from every type situation. Those things learned the hard ways will help you in a vast array of situations from now on. That’s probably why I always say you fix a problem before there is a problem, because you eventually learn to connect so much that you can usually solve most issues before an issue starts. So good luck to ya! Happy Thinking!

        • Memphis says:

          Actually, in one way I can actually see LLI pushing you to ptsd faster. Because we think of every type scenario in situations and a lot of stressful situations with a million stressful thoughts with them will drive you to ptsd faster. I learned as a kid in a not so great situation to just create my own happy world to live in and have usually through out life just continued that in different ways. So I strongly believe in positive thoughts helping us even more. I always try to either make a game out of the situation to make it better or to just try my best to drop the very negative out of my life and focus on things that make me happy or move forward in life. LLI helps in most areas obviously, just learning how to manage it in your life to help is key.

  2. Not sure when the disadvantages are coming, but here are some I know of (I have an IQ of 460, but a low emotional intelligence, and so used to experience the problems below, until I found a few solutions):

    It can be difficult to chose between things. With too much information, one can be caught up in a cycle and not be able to hierarchize things. Solution: be aware of this, and know that most times it does not matter: just pick something and move ahead. One can almost always come back and make a different decision.
    Taking too much time to do things, because one can see details so completely, their implications, their pros, cons, etc. Keep the big picture in mind and assess often if the activity requires so much detail. Most stuff doesn’t, it just needs to be done.
    Or worse: not even starting things, because we can see all the implications, difficulties,
    Too much mental activity wears the brain and the body: I noticed my body cannot really keep up with my mind’s activity. I can do mental work for hours straight, 8, 12hrs, even more. I could never do physical exercise for that long. After 2hrs of physical activity, I’m physically spent. And that is GOOD. It signals it’s time to rest.
    Getting too involved with things (internal or external stimulus): I try not to do anything for more than 2hrs, tired or not, to avoid burning out. Often, I give myself 30 minutes to do any easy thing, and assess at the end of those 30 min if I need to schedule more time for that, or what type of plan I need in order to finish while being gentle with myself.
    Losing focus on what we should really put our energy into: I learned to be very aware of my tendency of noticing “everything” and keep it under control. I learned to sort of keep a soft focus, or a dispassionate attention. It’s difficult in the beginning, but with practice I started noticing how I was “interacting” with everything, important or not. I now have refined my focus of attention, and don’t let the mind run rampant. It’s important not indulge the mind and let it actually starve often. It turned out that the quiet and calm that comes from that was very healing for me, and would bring me more awareness.

    Meditation helps. To have the mind working all the time is not healthy, it actually brings decay. Moments of deep silence are necessary. On people with normal LI, “unplugging” happens naturally, I believe. In people with LLI, it does not. If there’s is high IQ associated, then the brain has a lot of energy, and there is an impression that it’s OK to be taking and processing all that info all the time. But, that’s still intense activity and every system needs rest, often.

    I’m not sure LLI is what I have, but the descriptions all match. I think it’s crucial to keep seeing it as a pros and cons thing. Although information is highly regarded in our civilization, it’s not really always what we need as an organism. Knowing too much all the time is just not healthy (just as it is knowing too little), even if in some of us the brain can somewhat deal with it. I think a better way is to achieve a certain balance. Learn how to dismiss stimuli “manually” (to consciously filter what’s unimportant in every give moment), since the mind is not doing so automatically. And use it as an advantage when it’s, well, advantageous (at work, at certain important interactions, when creating, etc). So, basically, take charge and not allow to just happen unconsciously all the time. This is difficult, but it can definitely be achieved with meditation, which creates awareness and allow us to literally watch our minds. With time, it becomes quite simple and natural. Turn it on, turn it off, in our best interest: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

    • Dale Webb says:

      I’m posting the cons soon actually! I was just wondering – did you mean your iq is 160 not 460? Because 460 I think is completely off the scale!

      • Kyle says:

        yes it definitely is off the scale! Einsteins IQ was 160

      • MJ says:

        460!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahaha. Your brain would be able to do so much you wouldn’t even need the internet

      • Kris says:

        What medication have you tried? My friend has this and was told their was no medications for this.

        • Molly says:

          I take Adderall normally (diagnosed ADHD, pretty sure just a misdiagnosis)
          XR kind. I also find that modafinil helps out with regulating your train of thought in the middle of all the “chaos” or whatever.
          be careful though because Adderall and other stims can be habit-forming, you don’t want to end up taking stuff like that just to escape your mind, moreso to just deal with it better.

          • Alan says:

            I’m no longer taking any sort of pharmaceuticals, but my doctor had me on Nuvigil and Strattera for awhile after my sleep study determined OSA. I was also working stupidly long shifts anywhere from 2 – 6 weeks at a shot. I still notice the “ADHD”, and I still deal with anxiety, and I’m still very much socially reclusive, bordering on socially retarded (funny, but seriously not a joke). I have found some sense of community with the “burner” community, although having been brought up in an extremely conservative area, I’m sure my mannerisms seem “square-ish” to some of the more dedicated types. Anyway, thanks for pointing out the Modafinil thing – I have only met one other person who had a prescription for the stuff, and it seems like the drug is indicated for “cognitive decline” which applied at the time of diagnosis (likely due to extreme sleep deprivation), but either I’ve returned to “normal” or have adapted to my new reality. As far as my own potential for LLI is concerned, I’d say I’m probably a 50/50 – some of these traits I definitely have, some I’ve learned to “dumb down” and “normalize”, some I have learned to ignore to the point that I’m not conscious of their presence any longer, and a few I dont think apply. Also, I’ve had my IQ tested, and I’m pretty sure it was around 126, but with a “slow processor”…. I’m smart with some things, I definitely see the world differently than most people (to a very large degree – its embarrassing), but there are also things which are completely obvious to everyone except me… until my processor catches up and I end up with a “OH!!!! NOW I GET IT!!!!” moment as everyone else saw the thing as completely obvious and has since moved on. I know we live in a society where everyone wants some way to identify and justify the claim that they are “special”, and that’s cool… for me, truly, I’ve lived my whole life wishing I wasn’t different, because it has brought a lot more problems than anything else. Anyway, I’m rambling…. thanks for the post, thanks for the website, I’ll probably be lurking around once in awhile – I identify enough with this to think that maybe I can find some strategies to cope and reduce any further damage in my life.

        • Greg campbell says:

          Mostly weed

          • Memphis says:

            Haha… Racing, sex and weed is all that makes my brain focus or just slow the hell down. I have not tried meds for it or even smoke weed for it much these days. Because I feel once you train your brain as best as possible to use the LLI to help you in important areas of your life that it does help too much to wanna stop it. I love business and creating new products, so this makes me much better at thinking of the millions of ways to run a company to the top or make a better product, that I enjoy very much. They diagnosed my nephew that thinks like me with adhd. But I told my sister I was gonna help guide him to use his way of thinking to help, so that he knows medicine is not always the best cure for adhd or LLI.

        • Xin says:

          dont even worry about medication. Binging on anime until your brain cells are so physically tired they slow down drastically also works. And then just remember how you felt like when you were exhausted and copy that state. Is what I did. But. Its probably just as bad as alcohol lelelel

      • Joshua says:

        Are there any tests you can take in order to determine if you have low latent inhibition? I believe I have it and you can see how creative I am if you type in on facebook BNW Images it is my art page. I’ve always been known as the best artist you have to see my work. Can you reply to me through my email because I’m not gonna be checking thus page. Did Albert Einstein have low latent inhibitions?

    • Elias says:

      I hope for your sake that do not actually believe you have an IQ of 460. The IQ scale is normal distributed with a mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15 meaning anyone which out side the margin of 3 standard deviations (145) is an outlier in a statistical point of view. Meaning the probability of having a greater than 145 is about 0.135%. An IQ of 360 means 24 standard deviations outside the mean, the probability of that happening is practically nonexistent. But you probably already know this if you are so smart.

      I still don’t really understand peoples obsession IQ test on this site. IQ tests are heavily flawed estimations of intelligence. People can train themselves in taking IQ tests, it doesn’t mean they got any smarter, just that they know the types of questions one usually faces when doing these tests and how to solve them.

      True intelligence is to see, create or demonstrate something new, do something nobody else has been able to. To further the enlightenment of the human race, that’s intelligence.

      • Dale Webb says:

        There are some great conversations in both the forum and the Facebook awareness group relating to the various types of intelligence and how low latent inhibition can enhance/affect the various kinds. I’m not a great beliver in IQ tests personally as these days most people tend to use an IQ score they obtain as a trophy or something to boast about, when an IQ score in isolation actually means very little. That said of all of the people i know with low latent inhibition i have definitely noticed that the higher the IQ in those people, the more abilities and advantages their LLI seems to give them that 99% of people with LLI don’t seem to have.

        The threshold or ‘cut off point’ seems to be around the 135-140 mark. Those that i know with LLI and IQ scores over 150 seem to be the highest functioning individuals with LLI and are able to do things that people who have the same IQ scores but don’t have LLI, can’t.

        • Memphis says:

          I feel the same about iq test, you can just study different types to learn the ways and answers. I love hearing this lawyer woman I know tell me how she knows everything, even about my completely different industry. Will even tell you how smart and great she is because of the job she has. Ummm… anyone with determination can become a dr or lawyer. A certain degree or job does not necessarily make a person smart. That is just ambition, self discipline and knowledge (not high intelligence). That lawyer girl is actually one of the dumbest people I know actually (at least she is too clueless to know), argumentative is a bonus for that job.. Gotta love the block button on phones.

      • Xin says:

        dude. 4 is right under 1 on the number pad. I do not believe for a second you’ve never typed the wrong one before B) Unless you are a typing guru. In which case… 😀

      • Liam Right says:

        My assumption is, that the 4 is above the 1 on the num pad(keyboard). It was most likely a typo. 160, was the intended input.

      • ugh says:

        I think she was actually quoting her MAT score?

      • Memphis says:

        Good response! I for 100% agree with the end of your response for sure.. Of course I do those things so even if I am a complete dumbass I would agree with that since I do that. For instance most that work in any industry will act like they know everything that could relate to that industry when they can barely explain anything beyond the basics of the damn job in reality, doctors not excluded for sure. That is one of the most annoying things to me.. For gods sake, why the hell be so fake and full of it to lie and act like you know something you don’t. No one is expected to know everything. So people always try to create this fake ass facade to people. If u don’t know it all, hell just say I don’t know. I swear I feel like I pick up on more of these fake ass facades than most. God I hope so! Because if not there are a lot people looking at them like wtf… I finally learned to not believe shit 100% most say unless I do the research or 1 of the 2 people on the planet I trust 100% tell me something. KNOW IT ALLS LISTEN UP: The minute you think you know everything, that is the minute you stop learning. No one ever stops learning, even the smartest people on the planet for sure. So anyone that reads this and is this way, take in this as the first thing you truly learned from another individual in awhile. So annoying for anyone with any sense at all to watch or listen to… SO SOAK IT IN AND SPREAD THE WORD!

    • Keith says:

      So pretty sure this person made a mistake using the Number-pad on the right side of the keyboard. 1 is below 4.

    • Sam says:

      The highest IQ ever recorded was approximately 300. As I have never seen your name in the books or anywhere else for that matter, I find it very hard to believe you have an IQ of 460

    • Memphis says:

      This is my biggest issue with this way of being as well,100% for sure! I also try to start up doing too much and that makes everything harder!
      With work that I have always enjoyed oddly, I always write goals. I write and make a habit of writing my next days list of import things to do down, so that I check them off and move to the next thing. Which of course I always make more goals, but this is great for me. With businesses I write daily goals, weekly goals that make me hit my monthly goals that I see at my desk to help me push to reach those goals. I have found writing my goal list helps me keep focused on all that is most important.

  3. Madi Caasey says:

    could Misophonia(unusual sensitivity to everyday sounds) be linked to LLI?

  4. DJ says:

    I actually discovered that LLI existed because of a TV show I was watching, its interesting. I swear reading this page made me feel like a hypochondriac, every time I read a new line a thousand and one examples of things that I do/have done that fit the bill all came racing through my head. I’m just glad that someone took the time to gather this much information in one place. It gave me a probable answer for a lot of the issues that I struggle with on a daily basis.

    • A/T says:

      I totally agree after watching PB. My only disadvantage is my parents think that i am insane. But all of the symptoms are 100% accurate. I am glad at the age of 14 that I have an excuse over what I struggled through most of my childhood.

      • regan says:

        I have been driven completely insane by this terrible condition, in which ways I could not explain, I know I have LLI because I picked up a guitar one day and started playing I did the same thing with violin, drum kit, flute, clarinet and keyboard, I did my research and stumbled across this website, I’m pleading for a cure, I have been dumped by several girls that I fell attached too be cause they thought I was a freak, ok too of all of that I find it very hard to get to sleep at night, please I need a cure. ASAP

    • Robert b. says:

      You dommean Prison Break don’t you? That is precisely how I discovered LLI and that I have it.

      • Chris B says:

        I was just watching the episode and I was saying it sounded a little like me, so I looked it up and found this, all the pros and cons are 100% accurate for me, I cried when I finished reading this. I finally found what makes me so different!

      • Roland says:

        I was JUST about to say that haha

      • AMG says:

        Omg i also found out about this thanks to sara investigating about michael’s illnesses hahahah

        • Tommasina says:

          I as well found this on PB! I am just not sure how to accurately determine if I have this condition. I am most positive I do, I am 14 years old and it would explain a great deal if I do have this.

      • Adam m says:

        Haha thats where I discovered it too! I have so many parallels with Michael, so when I heard them mention LLI I had to look it up.

      • Brian says:

        Me to Robert,last night watching prison break for the first time I had to look it up never heard of it before now I know,am not weird lol.

    • kate says:

      SAME W THE PB. when i saw that scene i gasped and instantly searched it up, because i was experiencing the same things exactly. im still not completely sure i have it considering i dont know my iq, but im 90% sold on it

      • dario says:

        IQ is not a factor, don’t get yourself influenced by it because it analyses only a small area of the brain. I have 125 IQ which is slightly above average but I could stare at an object such as a dishwasher or a crane for 2 minutes and write a 2000 word essay without any kind of research.

  5. Theres no disadvantage! we see the positive possibilities and just keep moving!

  6. jen says:

    Very exciting to come across this. I actually found out about this while researching links between mental illness and creativity. I’ve delved into some pretty great books on Neurology and the senses too — looking at everything from Hallucinations (Visual & Verbal), How Memory effects Personality, The effects of Meditation-type-activities/sounds VS. Hypnosis, etc, etc.

    I will now tell you a personal Timeline of my experiences — both GOOD & BAD — with LII:

    I have been diagnosed as having several different things throughout my 30 years:

    First, it was ADHD in high school, but my mom questioned it’s legitimacy as a mental dysfunction (Never MIND you, I exhibited and paid the price for the traits that are associated with children with ADD .. ie. was constantly in trouble for talking out loud, termed in report cards, “The Ring Leader”, “Class Clown”, “Trouble Maker”, “Instigator”, “Doesn’t Sit Still”, “Disappears on Field Trips”, “Highly Intelligent, but lacks follow through”, “Seems to only finish projects/assignments that she’s passionate about”, “Lacks respect for Authority with a disregard to Consequences”, and even one that said, “Set Record for Breaking the Most Non-Existent Rules” — like in pre-school, when I kept finding baby birds, or baby mice in the sandbox, or when I opened a butterfly chrysalis with sharp scissors I brought from home — they made a rule “Do not touch Living Things”, or in 1st grade when I was caught climbing over the bathroom stalls to scare my friend going #2 – they added a “Do Not Climb” sign on every stall, or on a 3rd grade field trip to the Natural History Museum, when I went through a STAFF ONLY entrance, so I could whisper in the CaveMan’s ear — “Wink, if you’re real — I promise I won’t tell”, they made a Rule “Your Daughter Cannot Go on Field Trips Unless a Parent Chaperones Her” — (I also touched an X-Ray at the Aquarium, broke 3 mirrors in Children’s Museum’s “Mirror Maze” when I couldn’t find an exit, yelled at a Magician on stage, “I SAW YOU PUT THE CARD UP YOUR SLEEVE! hahaha THIS ISN’T MAGIC!!!”, and also frequently dismantled my Field Trip Buddy and/or convinced them to Break From the Group, to get ice cream, to go back to an exhibit when no one was there…probably to TOUCH things) But as I grew older, I naturally matured, aka became more conscious of what my peers thought of me, and getting “In Trouble” became embarrassing. Of course, I still struggled with a lot of things in high school, but it more or less, didn’t get me suspended or reviewed for Expulsion — not to mention, when I moved to a new state & took their statewide placement test, not only did I score high, but they were very unaware with my “Trouble Maker” status, so they placed me in AP classes — then you could say, my “good behavior” was a direct result from increased mental stimulation, further increased by someone finally thinking I was “Smart”. Who me??? You want to put ME in “Gifted” classes? …….. “Sure, why not. If you say so.” And then BAM! First class in new school was Classic American Literature …. Woaahh. Fitzgerald, Hemingway, Whitman, THOREAU. I even felt bad, and still do, when I found out my friends in “regular” classes weren’t reading the Great Gatsby or Walden. Realized both my unique advantage to being exposed to these works, as well as, the “randomness” of me being all of sudden deemed “smart enough” to be in those classes. And then I wondered “What else have I missed by being in regular classes?!” Now, as a documentary filmmaker, I see this as a critique on the whole Education System, and the Power they have to Form, Shape, Mold young minds into “certain” people who will have “certain” destinies, with each destiny containing certain options and doors that will or will not open. Rewind my life, don’t put into Gifted Classes, don’t even tell me I’m “Gifted”, and who knows if I’d be even writing you right now — more than likely, I wouldn’t have been able to afford this mac laptop, heck — I probably wouldn’t have believed I was “smart enough” to go to college, or maybe I would’ve dropped out that first semester I got D’s and F’s, a final, confirming acquiescence to the 12 years of audacious & lazy assessments made by Educational Institution.

    Then in college, let’s skip over the fact I changed my major 6 or 7 times — Psychology (Too Repetitive), Nursing (Too Gross), Ceramics & French (Too Laborious & Focused on Technique), Religious Studies (Led me to thoughts about Human Nature’s Need to Know/Define, but class discussions were naive with most ppl Believers), Linguistics & Anthropology (Fascinating! but too much Reading/Research/No Action) and finally Political Science & Philosophy (Yes! Let’s question everything without really settling on an answer! And let’s study how societies Control/Manipulate/Steal/Obliterate other societies).

    But it was in college, where I entered my first “Blue” period, where my natural cynicism turned into an angry/sad “Everything’s-Meaningless, So-Meaningless-It’s-Not-Worth-Forming-Thought-Into-Words” Phase. It became a period where I became very aware of how “different” I was then every one else — this led to a slow feeling of Isolation — to not find “like-minded” people, to not have anyone that “REALLY Knew” me, topped with the fact that I was questioning the idea of God — something I had come to believe existed, always feeling there was a “mystical” quality to this world, I defined it and named it the way most of Peers did — Jesus Christ, Our Savior (we were in the Midwest–Bible Belt). So my friends were Believers, so against “Questioning” anything in the Bible, for fear that Questioning = Doubt = Devil Trying TO GET YOU. At my lowest point, the only thing that saved me from “ending it” was being outside, with the Moon, Stars, Wind, Trees. The Moon especially was a constant face I saw throughout my childhood (which was not religious), where I saw the Moon has my Protector — benevolent, all-knowing, and something that could be seen by every one, with a kind smiling face (that not everyone sees?) that never was disappointed, never mad, never patronizing, always “Got It”. My “Depression” was so bad at one point, I noticed I could barely feel any pain — quite common yeah? — but I turned the water in our Dorm showers to it’s hottest setting — unusually HOT, causing many silly girls, who turned the knob the wrong way, to jump out naked & screaming. So, I went in there — turned it up gradually at first, felt no pain, turned it up to the highest setting with full pressure .. NOTHING. Anyway, like all my “Existence is Pointless” phases, I was able to “Snap” out of them. I could never maintain such inward, self-depreicating navel-gazing, even if I could pretend to make it about how “everything was meaningless”. At some point, I would always see myself from the outside, looking on this girl, something like watching a sad, pathetic movie, and then of course, that kicked into gear my PRIDE — “Am I so cliche?” “Perhaps, I should die saving someone…. or sacrifice my life to make some point that will change Laws, create Scholarships in my name, Foundations, 10K races, leading to innovation, betterment of society — My Death could be the Domino that Creates a REVOLUTION/total AXIS shift in how the world/evolution played out! … Oh my god, I could be JESUS!!” That thought pattern in itself inadvertently helped me see my “value” — I realized, regardless of how worthless I or others believed me to me, my Physical Existence — my beating heart and Human Species Classification, was ENOUGH — more than enough, to perhaps, make the world a bit more “Meaningfull”. Later came the conscious decision, to use my Life, instead of my Death, to make the world more meaningful. During this period though, I was diagnosed with Depression. I scoffed at this, “Just because killing myself goes against human survival instincts, does not mean I don’t have a POINT, that every person with some form of mental illness has a POINT – ” My therapist finally grew tired of me trying to get him agree with me, “C’mon admit it, there are 3 types of people in this world: 1. The person with wealth, power, access — equipped with the luxury to both control their world and other peoples”, OR 2. The person that doesn’t question his “place” or circumstance, it just is — found in both those with Privilege and those without., or 3. You’re like Me. You see both. You are plagued by the awareness of both. To see the beautiful in that ugly … that’s beautiful.
    What’s worse, you are and possess the very same power, control, inclinations, needs, fears that even the WORST man has. You are the mass murderer, the man on death row, the boy selling the weed on the corner, the minimum wage overworked alcoholic mom, the solider who rapes civilians (a shocking, unimaginable crime! Even though minutes earlier, with positive reinforcement “For My Country”, “For Freedom”, was able to legally justify murdering his enemy, who looks just like the woman he raped, and carries with her all built-up hatred necessary to pull the trigger “guilt-free”.) My last day talking to this guy, who was really just a Graduate Student (haha! poor him), I finally got him to say “You may have a point,” just before I closed the door. I ran down the hallway, happier than I had been in months! (and switched my major to Philosophy & Political Science).

    This story is getting too long, but I assume you all are following my overly detailed accounts, albeit it may have stopped being interesting awhile ago. But just in case you’re still with me: I’ll let you know years later, including 2 more depressive/meaningless/end-it-all periods (one where I developed a weird stutter for a few weeks…so awkward and damaging to sense of self) — I tried to get another diagnosis in an effort to save my relationship. (Yeah, I didn’t even GO THERE earlier, let’s just say I have no trouble finding partners — LII qualities can be quite attractive, charming, alluring — IN THE BEGINNING. Who doesn’t love a quirky, zany, spontaneous, creative nut ?! Well, my friends, as I’m sure you know, there are a lot “dark sides” to those same amazing qualities, that can cause a lot of friction, and frankly, I have never been so attached to someone as to be rendered incapable of leaving them. I always leave first. I would like to think it’s because problems become so obvious and repetitive, with the same underlying issues, it just makes sense to leave, even IF I WISH things could be different, the facts are otherwise. And the lack of successful relationships only further increases a feeling of being “weird”, “difficult”, a “failure”, “going to end up alone — never put bills on auto payment or they won’t find you!”

    Ok, so after that, I was told I was Bi-Polar (no drugs), and then most recently, that I may have Borderline Personality Disorder. Uhhhhhhhhh, really? I’m sure a lot of you have read what these are .. mostly, because they all overlap, and have similar traits, brain regions, neuro transmitter deficiencies/abundances, and are linked/sparked also by similar socio-economic upbringings, (ie. attachment theory). But let’s face it, when you’ve felt “Odd” all your life, you just want to attach a NAME to it. I’m Human After All. Name, Categorize, Define, therefore, I AM. and also, it’s not my fault. deep down, I can blame chromosomes or perhaps, my mom, or maybe even my umbilical cord wrapped around my neck when I was born. However, all of the Diagnoses I could put up with, EXCEPT Borderline — and then my aversion and denial of having this, only further convinced me that it might be true. After all, a Borderline would never be able to see they were a Borderline. They caught me. What a well crafted diagnosis — there’s no out. Who are these people making these titles, studies, and drugs? When did Human Civilization get SO bad that we have to have a Disorder for everything.

    So I researched and researched, came across some really horrid websites with misinformation about Borderline Disorder — if I was had the ability to Trust these people who pose as medical professionals — it could’ve been very damaging to my sense of self. But at this point, I’ve read so much research about all of these Disorders that it’s just becoming one big grey problem.

    I got some routine blood work done and for some reason, asked for them to check my Thyroid levels. I think I must have read somewhere that Thyroid is connected to inability to control emotions, maintain focus, forgetfulness, etc. Turns out I have Hyperthyroidism. Not saying that I don’t have ADHD, LII, Bi-Polar Disorder, Depression, or even BORDERLINE. Maybe I have all of them, maybe it’s just my Thyroid. Maybe it’s a lot of little things that come from all of those “disorder” — maybe I have MY OWN disorder, unnamed. Maybe I should submit myself for a study. Anyhow, either way, I relate to LII.

    You may have read this and only noticed that I put CONS, but if you’re as quick as I think you are, embedded within those CONS are PROS. Like Life, yeah? Read them again and see quite possibly how I have managed to wiggle my way into making Documentary Films. I’m close to understanding myself well enough to play off all my disorders, it’s how I am able to see, feel, understand, relate, connect with things that most overlook. I feel honored to have the responsibility and ability to challenge othe people’s perceptions. Let’s look at something together. I don’t want to SHOW them how dumb they are anymore, or how scoff at their simplicity, I want them to see that they KNEW the obvious all along. They know what’s right. They know what’s wrong. What’s Fair. Etc. Etc. I believe I can find a way to make them see that they don’t see. …. Because wouldn’t it all be pointless, if I really let myself believe that it was all useless — that this world is just a sad, greedy, and corrupt place? We all can be more, as long as we EXPECT it of ourselves. I am the girl who failed 9th grade and the girl who Aced AP classes. I’m the girl that believed in the Power of Jesus, and the girl that believed in the Power of the Universe.

    It’s all possible. But not everyone can see. “You have to See it to Believe it” — perhaps, one universal truth, even for those of us who can see what’s “Not There”.

    • Siobhan says:

      Wow….really enjoyed reading Jen’s piece above!! Think I will see the world in a different light! Fascinating reading!

    • Mike says:

      Wow Jen, I read every word and completely get you, I completely understand where you’re coming from. I just found out what LII is today and found this site by a convaluted journey that led from an article I read about personality traits….I referenced and cross referenced about 20 subjects before I came across LII……. so I know I have it too. I guess I just want to say, you are not alone, you may be abnormal as I am and so many others of us that have LII (when compared to the majority of people who are the epitome of mediocrity), but its really a good thing if you can handle it and no doubt you can. You survived the worst manifestations of LII (suicide) and it made you stronger and wiser. And all this just because you ( and the rest of us) just seek understanding of ourselves and the universe around us.

    • Margot says:

      Thank you

    • Theresa M. Ruprecht says:

      Jen – I realize that you wrote this in 2014 and here it is 2016 — hope you see this. I have not laughed and smiled in tooooooo long a time. Then this early AM at my crap overnight job, that I am hiding in, I read your series of ramblings, philosophical thoughts, and wonderful words –THANK YOU! I understand everything you write and think you are tenacious, and exceptional. You should be a writer because I think there may be quite a few people like me who are very similar to you. Wish I had the privilege of knowing you. Wish I had figured out how to use my unique personality and intelligence to have a decent career and life. The good news is like you, I cannot be kept down for long. In two years I hope to have found some destiny as you have (even though I do not think you have found it, you have arrived). Good job.

      • Theresa M. Ruprecht says:

        that was supposed to read “even though YOU probably do not think you have found it”

      • Jason says:

        36, same boat, but out of all the craziness, realizations, and how awkward or gifted, pros and cons we have…anything is possible, from God to universal or ignorance and genious..the ability to understand so many thing on so many levels is a blessing and a curse and it’s what makes me like no other…highly emotional and logical and never being able to fit anywhere is where I’m at now..just now realizing all this insight is no good without using it to better myself and others…gifts are a waste if u don’t sure them, thank u for sharing…u put so beautifully into words the mess that goes on inside just bow starting to find my sense of self..and ur eight..MEDITATION is KEY

    • J says:

      Couldn’t have said it any better, I’ve been researching all of these ” disorders” for so long having to relate to every ssingle one of them. maybe I have all of them or maybe something else that is unnamed.

    • Fib-or-nacci? says:

      Damn, I relate to that on way to many levels, it didnt even cross my mind that what you were saying would be perceived by others as a stream of negativity. My mind was captivated by you eerily familiar, and to what most may interpret as frantic, stream of consciousness which you just displayed. I was also diagnosed with ADD at a young age and just last year (presently a junior in college) I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety and soon after finding myself in rejection that I needed supplement to cope with my own mind, or that maybe I tricked myself into thinking I had after, as you experienced as well, getting lost in shit storm of blanket definitions and symptoms for a variety of mental dissorders that some arrogant narc with a doctorate degree decided they knew what they were talking about. Sometimes there is so much that my mind goes blank…but I dont want to get to far off track as I already feel I have. What I wanted to say was that I admired how introspective and self aware (sorry if that was redundant) you were through your journey thus far and I too still question the inescapably moments in life that seem to define all logic despite my seemingly innate ability to find it (thus I still do not believe in “god” as any sort of entity or b.s. box people have decided to put “god” in, but rather leave myself open to the possibility that there is something external at play which humans may not even be able to conceive) For instance, this whole prison break coincidence…what the actual fuck ya know?! I had never seen the show in my life until last night when a friend of mine had it on and tonight he mentioned that the main character (blanking on his name and too lazy to scroll and find it or look it up) had some mental condition related to low latency and high iq. Now, after obsessively researching the topic for hours compiling and sifting through the b.s. and gems of info about LLI, have also stumbled down the rabbit hole to the same place, and while it seems logical that others with a similar mind as my own would dive down the hole and stumble upon this article at relatively high frequency (given the low volume of decent articles relating to the subject), it still makes me wonder if there could be an external influence to which I or any of the rest of you are unaware, but then again maybe that’s just me trying to dull the lull of seeing things so rationally and trying to give myself another stream of consciousness to which there is no limit in possible explanation. I would like to end my ramble by saying that I too am not sure if LLI is the reason behind my behavior, emotions,and inability to find someone who I truly feel alike or that actually comprehends me, it is surely a good candidate and likely a component at the very least…time to keep reading

    • ugh says:

      This guy right here is probably the only legit person with LLI on this forum. His post accurately reflects LLI, beginning with how he even found this. I was about to give up hope after reading some of these posts of others really being out there besides me (I was floored when I found this) other than my own son. I absolutely adore the ability to create connections, patterns, observe micro expressions, tho I always did feel different. I just attributed it to being too emotional, searching for meaning in everything. That became beneficial because I educated myself on the value of emotional IQ. I have an above average IQ, BFD. What’s helped me most in life is learning to be calm and gathering information unbiasedly, situational awareness abounds.
      Anyway I’ll keep on my tangent and onto 19 others, but please people, use this to practice insight of one self, sort through those patterns/emotions. You could overwhelm yourself with a crayon if you have a negative emotion attached to it that you haven’t fully consciously addressed. LLI don’t just stare at things and write 200 word essay’s such as suggested above, that would be like picking a scab aimlessly, letting a muscle memory drive our daily lives. If we pick a scab, for instance, we have decided why, how, when, what it’s from, what will happen when we do, if we should, or if we shouldn’t but want to, and even where we will pick that scab. Hell we may save it to pick when we are waiting aimlessly in line at the store after we’ve observed every person around us, from what they are wearing, what they are buying, making pretty good assumptions about their personalities, noticed a light was out in isle 3, checker 6 you haven’t seen in a while, checker 3 got a new haircut, the mat is crumpled at the door, the sliding doors are a little slower, the counter is dirty, the trash can over flowing, did we get everything on the list, how our keys feel in our hands, where our card/cash is to pay, each inch we move our cart up as we wait for our turn, the person ahead of us that obviously has social anxiety – should we ease them with simple conversation maybe about the small green shamrock pin they are wearing even tho it’s July? Probably Irish, you suppose, maybe I will – you read their face one last time and see tiny lines that say don’t talk to me please….and then you think maybe you should just pick that scab, or twist that ring on your finger, or feel your necklace, or touch your face, check your nails, ANYTHING that is boring just for a few split seconds until something new changes, the line moves up, someone’s kid yells…yeah
      It’s awesome. It’s the evolution of the minds ability to be consciously aware of the data we are collecting.

  7. Ray says:

    Excited for disadvantages

  8. Bryan says:

    @Ray, Me too I am wondering what other disadvantages are in store for me >.<

    • Dale Webb says:

      I am working on these currently – should be added to the site this next weekend

      • Poebes says:

        Hey, theyre still not up. Any reason why?

        • Dale Webb says:

          Hi Poebes, They’ve been on hold for a while as i finish another LLI related website I’m about to launch but I will get round to them. I figured that it’s one of the least important spaces on here because people with low latent inhibition will know what their pros and cons are, given that are very personal and differ for each individual. I’ve got a list of some generic ones to post up on here but it’s really hard to say what the pros and cons truly are, as every time i speak to someone with low latent inhibition they have completely different and unique pros and cons from others. I’ll work to get them up shortly as I’ve nearly got the other site launched.

  9. C says:

    Hi all,

    Firstly, allow me to begin by saying that I am really glad that I have discovered this website, and that I thoroughly appreciate the effort that has gone into its creation. Secondly, I would very much appreciate an outsider’s opinion on what I am about to type, so please read my text.

    Let me begin with the obvious: I suspect that I have Low Latent Inhibition. I have spent the last couple of hours trying to research this subject, but unfortunately since I do not know my IQ as I have never had it professionally tested, I am finding it difficult determining my diagnosis. Also, I suffer from major depression with psychotic tendencies (occurring every couple of years or so, whenever things get quite stressful – My last ‘break’ was at 18, and before that, I had another at age 14), so I am unsure whether or not that would be directly affecting my train of thought. Perhaps, I am just being paranoid or a hypochondriac. I am unsure.
    Anyway, I will continue regardless… Throughout my whole life (I am 21 years old), I have had problems with being classed as ‘weird’ or ‘odd’. I know that may seem like the norm, especially between the ages of 12 and 18, but it is something that has daunted me since I was very young.

    Before I started schooling, I learnt how to read exceptionally young. I had a very patient grandmother, who taught me how to read around the tail end of age 2 and beginning of age 3, according to her I picked it up quite easily. I also learnt mathematics extremely young, and was very obsessed with spelling tests and handwriting.
    I have always excelled in school. I can remember being six years old and getting extremely excited because I could do long division before anybody else in my class. I remember it like it was yesterday… my fellow classmates standing around my desk, watching me do extremely large long divisions, that I had just randomly created. I can also recall my teacher telling me to stop writing over the back sheet of my work. I think I’d gotten carried away, and was told off. I was quite a hyperactive child, and so I found it very easy to get carried away with things.
    I can remember being seven years old and being caught giving the answers to a multiplication test to a fellow classmate. A similar occasion happened, when I again, was caught giving the answers to a spelling test to that same fellow classmate. Times tables were easy for me, and when my class was learning their third times tables, I was on my fifteenth.
    Another instance within my primary school years, involved my taking flute and violin lessons. I was ahead of my music students, and even learnt how to play the Harry Potter theme tune by ear on a piano, even though I had never ever played one before. I appreciate that the Harry Potter theme tune isn’t exactly the most difficult musical composition, but as an eight year old, I am assuming that that wasn’t average…
    At age eleven, I had written my first fully completed composition. I’d memorised it by ear and performed it for my best friend (my dog, Rosie). That year, I also started secondary school in the UK.

    Secondary school was when I first started having problems. I was name called ‘weird’, ‘odd’, ‘freak’, ‘geek’ etc for getting good grades and answering questions first in class. I always completed home work on time and frequently did ‘extra’ work around my favourite subjects (which were English, Music, Physics and Electronics). My teachers probably thought I was trying hard, but truthfully I didn’t start trying until I was fourteen.

    When I was fourteen, as I mentioned above, I had a mental ‘break’. I had been suffering with undiagnosed depression (I wasn’t diagnosed until I was eighteen), and my relationship with my mother had completely declined. I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t sleep and I constantly felt sad. My mind was always racing, what I always thought was ‘over-thinking’. My grades began to plummet, and I found that I couldn’t concentrate properly in school. Following my ‘break’, I was put into the care of my grandparents. Things got slightly better, but my grandmother was suffering with a very malignant form of breast cancer and her survival rates were very low, which meant that my mind was constantly going haywire, over analysing and over thinking.
    Although I found my GCSE exams were easy, I couldn’t revise as my mind was constantly spinning, which meant that I didn’t get the grades I wanted (I had 3 A’s, 5 B’s and 4 C’s. I was predicted much higher). I decided to stay in school and complete my AS and A-levels. I studied Chemistry, Physics, Electronics, Musical Studies and Health and Social Care. During the two years of AS and A-levels, my grandmother was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and to make matters worse, the chemotherapy and radiotherapy she’d had to treat her malignant breast cancer hadn’t worked properly, and her breast cancer had spread to her lung, lymph nodes, rib cage and liver.
    I wanted to know why she had cancer. What caused it. What could stop it. What went wrong with the surgery, the chemotherapy, the radiotherapy… I wanted to know what could help prevent it, what would make it worse, her survival chances, how she should be feeling, how she could deal with sickness from her continuous therapy, what foods she should eat, what herbal remedies would help, what prescription medication would work etc. My mind was on a continuous ‘cancer bender’. Thinking about this all meant that I was not focusing on my schooling, which meant that I again didn’t do very well in my exams.
    Following the stress from exams and the fact that I’d convinced myself I would never get into a university because I was too ‘stupid’ and didn’t know enough about anything to pass a simple exam, I decided that I might as well be dead. I took an overdose of around 140 pills including; codein, diphenhydramine, acetaminophen, ephedrine and propanolol hydrochloride.
    Somehow, I managed to survive and was rushed into A&E and put on a drip for about a week.

    Since the overdose, I have physically fully recovered. My liver was unfortunately very damaged, and I have been told that although it does regenerate itself, I should be extremely careful as it is verging on cirrhosis (which is a shame as I am only 21 years old, but nevertheless I have accepted it and fully understand the ordeal I have put my body through). Mentally, my depression is at it’s weakest, which leaves me a lot of room to get back to my ‘normal’ academic self. I am excelling within my university course, my job and my mental stability is the best it’s been in years. I find my mind is constantly wandering, and I find myself continuously asking questions (followed by hours of research as to ‘why?’). I am getting the same name calling, ‘weird’ or ‘odd’, especially when I get locked onto a subject in particular or speak ‘differently’ to other people (my work colleagues continuously complain that they cannot understand what I am saying as I speak with ‘big’ words. Personally, I think I speak normal, and that it’s just them being a little bit silly).

    As I mentioned about getting ‘locked’ on a subject… I have noticed that I do this very frequently. For example, yesterday whilst completing a thematic analysis, I got locked onto the idea of speech. I began talking to myself out-loud, and experimenting with speech patterns, followed by research into the subject of speech patterns which then led me onto more research into the types of speech patterns psychopaths use, which led me onto more research into what causes a psychopath, which led to research on personality disorders, which led to research onto anti-social personality disorders which finally led me to discovering LLI.

    I have just realised that I have probably gone ‘over the top’, and written way too much and that half of the visitors on this website won’t even read this, but I am genuinely very intrigued about LLI.
    Because there isn’t a specific ‘test’ developed to diagnose LLI, I assumed that if other people suffered with LLI read what I had to say, they would be able to tell me if I also suffer from LLI – or whether it’s something different.


    • A/T says:

      You might be interested in LLI. But trust me, you know when you have LLI. For you I just think it is purely intelligence. If you are able to focus on your studies as easily as you did, you don’t have LLI.

    • J says:

      Basically my life ^ C

    • Xin says:

      hey are you still reading this? Wanna be my pen pal? I’m an LLI specializing in psychology and philosophy xD If anything Im a darn good conversation person!!! Im 21 now, but all my friends are at least 2-3 years older than me, capping ay 10yrs xD. Pls don’t be dead yet (ʘдʘ╬), having read your post, I’d like to make your acquaintance!!! Thanks!! Im guessing I’ll get a notification if you see and reply to this..?

  10. Brian says:

    Judging by the length of some of these post LLI is what ails ya!

    If LLI was diagnosed instead of ADHD…(SHOCKER) maybe I could have skipped a decade’s worth of regiments of Ritalin, Speed, SSRIs and Mirtazapine. And maybe I would have not been drugged into a decade and a half of this never ending personal hell called Insomnia.

    Makes much more sense now, the why I look at any thing and know how it works almost to the molecular level, along with “seeing” how the laws of physics affect everyday objects in the Newtonian sense. Or how I can absorb entire volumes of encyclopedias, and retain all of it plus access most of my memories from dirty diapers to what I had for breakfast three months ago on a tuesday….Waffles and Bacon.

    Hell I would wager money People like Pythagoras, Euclid, Galileo, Da Vinci, and Especially Tesla would all have had similar “mental deficiencies” as I was once told that ADHD caused a rule.

    I would add, on the Con list

    ADHD drugs
    NEVER being able to watch a TV show, Movie or an episode of Jeopardy with out instinctively knowing the Next Line of dialogue, The Movies Plot twist and eventual ending after 10 minutes. Or pointing out to anyone also watching that Alex Trebek just looks weird without a mustache, while answering the next question before he finishes asking it…. in question form.

  11. Henry says:

    “Page under construction”.. A skyscraper maybe? The suspense is killing people around the world.

    • Dale Webb says:

      I apologise for the delay as I’ve been dealing with a lot of other things lately. I imagine people with low latent inhibition don’t place as much importance on the pros and cons page, given that they will have lived with their own set of pros and cons for years now.

      I will get round to doing it shortly.

      • Henry says:

        I’m very interested in seeing what you have to say! Everything else has been quite engaging. Go ahead and ignore my impatience:)

  12. Mark says:

    Thank you for this awesome website. It has informed me greatly in something that I think I have struggled with my whole life. Does someone with LLI have headaches often or is mentally drained?

  13. Darren says:

    What a pleasant surprise it is to come across this site and realize there are others out there. I guess though the idea of anything falling under the definition of pro and con is moot really and subject to change depending on how and when you choose to perceive it. I do however agree absolutely with Janet in her comments reflecting the medical profession’s obsession with defining what are mostly normal human behaviors as conditions that should be dulled through medications.

    There are so many points of falling into the LIL category that I admit I thrive on and fully enjoy. Let’s face, life has always been easier when there really so few that can out-think you. I fully enjoyed many of the previous writers points and can’t help but smile as I reflect upon many of my own similar past experiences.

    There is something amazing to seeing the universe in all it’s Newtonian glory full of cause and effect that often becomes a chain reaction. Perhaps LIL was what Aldous Huxley attempted to describe in “The doors of Perception”. An ability to see reality in all it’s dimensions without the chains imposed through the limitations of evolution. Having so few to share this experience with can lead to a very solitary existence. Unlike musicians feeling a spiritual bond when playing together able to speak a language others cannot understand yet can only feel superficially at best.

    If there is a Con that remains so regardless of angle you choose to view it from it is the loneliness of not having peers. People become a bore when you already know what they are going to say and how pointless it is trying to make them see the whole picture. I don’t want to sound a braggart, but I cannot remember the last time I had a conversation with anyone and learned something I didn’t already know or hadn’t told them months before only to have them come back to pretend it was a revelation of their own. Without others to collaborate with and experience a meaningful conversation with, it becomes far more difficult to find purpose.

    I am sure others must feel this way and who knows, this site may provide a great platform for others to meet and discuss. Thank you for creating it.

    • Xin says:

      I do know what you mean. But surely knowing, as in knowledge, and experiencing are completely different things? Just because I know what you will do, does not make me any less heartbroken/pleased and loved feeling when you actually do it… our hearts have the same emotional mechanisms (hardware) as everyone else after all. We all desire to be loved and cherished.

    • Wendy Zitzman says:

      to Darren – Really appreciate you mentioning the loneliness – and your reasoning. I deal with this particular point by using a social strategy that I have developed into one of my personal trademarks – I will strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere, anytime. This has led to some interesting connections, and unexpected friendship – like my one with a homeless guy in London whom I met one night after a group dinner. They annoyed me, I left, stopped to have a smoke with this guy, and ended up sitting on the street, eating pizza and chatting for 3 hours. 🙂

  14. Pingback: » Pros and Cons Updated

  15. HackerBeBitch'nYOU says:

    I wouldn’t approve the above post, one of the consequences regarding new people reading it isn’t necessarily great; unfavorable first impression. For instance if you were to create a distinction between those human expressions which are in the pursuit of truth regarding lower levels of latent inhibition and those which are more of a competitive nature regarding the interaction between beings, the previous message not only falls into the latter category but on a lower level within it relative to a higher grade comment which likely attracts more altruistic competition.

    After a walk to the shops I figured out why I wrote it haha. I’m just really lonely where I am at the moment. As much as I’m trying to condition myself on respecting neural differences, put bluntly (it falls on a spectrum which has its own speed, acceleration and direction), everyone around me is a huge bore. Sometimes I wonder if they even exist. Heck, I don’t know even if I exist, at least in the way that certain electrical thoughts might make me believe in some contexts. I just want to get a dog. Set up a life where I love the dog and the dog loves me. At the very least it would then mean that when I’m talking to myself with the object of feeling less alone, which is kind of right now, that the effect would be two-fold when I could pretend that the dog really understands me and I understand him/her on some small intuitive exchange of subtle energy kind of way.

    I’ve got a plan and I’m getting better at implementing that plan slowly each day. I’ll see yal next year.

    Also, “just be yourself” is some of the stupidest advice I’ve ever heard, to be honest even though I’m sure you may have just been trying to help I would have expected more from you. If I’m being snapped up and dragged into the death lake by my foot with some of the thoughts I have consistently cycling around, obviously something needs to mediated and channeled into a more productive direction in order to increase my utility. “Do what you feel” is a recipe for disaster when you consider the long term implications of sticking to this principle (i.e. those neurons that fire together, wire together; for better or for worse). I’m not digging any heels in though ha ha, I’m just talking out loud freely; somewhat literally.

    Anyhow I heard briefly (no details mentioned beyond the frame of this comment were mentioned though naturally me being me I can make a few humble predictions) that you’ve been going through some difficulties.

    I wouldn’t know how to express myself much more beyond that of a simple but sincere, I hope you’re well.

    I can’t be absolutely sure as to whether or not there was discomfort with my quick departure but I thought at the time that you may have known me well enough to realize that (1) It wouldn’t be the last I’d communicate (2) That I’m on a consciousness plane where the space that exists between a casual not a formal “hello” and “goodbye” can run for years (i.e. “Hey, why didn’t you say hello to me?” Johnny says, “What do you mean, I saw you just 2 years ago!” replies Roger). I don’t know maybe I’m just full of it, who knows.

    Anyhow there’s some traits that I’ve been working on…

    I do this because I want to be the best person I can be. I want my life to be helpful to others. If I’m doing this life thing I may as well try and get it right. We’re all going to be forgotten eventually with time, like thousands of other great people of past. I’ve thought about it to the extent that I’ve arrived at the understanding that my own need to acquire is far out weighed by the importance of a life to have productive utility, to ensure the prosperity of future sperm cells and as it follows the future-future sperm cells, further to.

    It’s my opinion that starting with myself, we need to evolve as a human race.

    Anyhow, I’ve got to head off now. I thought about cutting down the message to just one sentence to camouflage the level to which I sort of miss interacting with you all but hey, my spirit or whatever the appropriate word may be decided to stand on the horizon side of life rather than something that’s decided to swim against the current, which I reserve for other activities.

    Be well.

  16. Michael says:

    I’m back. My clear mindedness is back. OMG please stay (I say to myself haha). I spent some time in nature. I watched ducks interact with each other and my presence for a good 2 hours this morning. The subtle movements they make against the water and the rustling of their feathers… Wow, it’s so incredible to observe. I felt so privileged to spend that time with them up close.

    I can’t wait to talk about the obvious (although I still have that small amount of doubt to remain sane, ha ha) social control programs that are taking place in society next year, secondly, how I happen to be involved in one right now; purposefully. It’s disguised as a “how to get rich” (which I couldn’t care much for) program but really its about three key ideas to which I look forward to elaborating on…

    Loosely said: (1) The creation of separation between certain ‘types’ of humans in the population and movement towards others (2) The rejection of self (3) Aggressive conformity to the established capitalistic based economic system, in an entrepreneurial sense.

    There’s a simple model I worked out myself in relation to determining the potential effects of particular repeating stimuli and for example, whether or not it has been purposefully been placed to influence a given being or population (for example, I think certain movies such as The Giver are created for the sole purpose of entertaining to influence not influencing to entertain).

    It’s based around something that I’ve mentioned in the past, “stimulus and reaction, a spell on us”.

    I mainly use the model for manipulation of my own awareness (we’re always being manipulated, most of it is mother nature though and therefore obviously unintentional).

    I call it the “Virus (for better or for worse) meme sneeze”

    (1) Stimulus —> (2) consciousness (so the being receiving and perceiving) —> (3) reaction —> (4) Ripple.

    Rinse and repeat the feedback loop.

    Overtime we get repetitive behaviour in relation to the stimulus, otherwise known as a habit. These habits can come in a myriad of ways, from the establishment of certain emotions and or just the basic pigeon pressing a leaver to get the pellet.

    There are many sub-and-interrelating-layers between them that I’m still working on. In saying that, I find it helps to visualise the ideas mentioned in the sense that they’re surround a circle and rotating around like the movement of a wheel.

    I want you to think about these mechanics really deeply as it pertains to how you yourself are influenced. This is what I’ve been doing over the years. Once I did this enough, it became so easy to recognise how others are influenced, like robots being opened up, change a wire here or there, now all of a sudden the robot is programmed to do something else/more; which obviously, if achieved on a mass scale, completely changes the trajectory of humanity…. Which then poses the question as it relates to ancient teachings and their lack of implementation, “where did this feedback loop go wrong? where was it interrupted?”… “why do current consciousness feedback loops exist?”… Comparing these two questions is a complex but highly interesting intellectual adventure.

    Finally, in terms of determining whether or not its been purposefully imbedded to influence with a certain long term end in mind I have mainly five criterion, so far: (1) How intelligent is the being/s? (2) How popular is the being/s? (3) How knowledgeable is the being/s? (4) How sane is the being/s? (5) What is the opportunity cost of their output and in turn the cost of others paying attention to it (if you apply the input-processing-output rule as it relates to our conscious experience)?

    The most interesting combination I find is not actually mentioned. It describes the nature of the beast behind a popular Poo Bear (no brain), for example, a lot of mainstream music. More divergently, I actually think (even though some of the teachings do help in different ways (i.e. it’s like finding gold in the dirt. Keep the gold and scrub off the dirt) that people like Michio Kaku, The Dalai Lama, Eckhart Toll, Joe Dispenza… Are playing roles, with or without their knowledge, to insert government oriented control initiatives (for better or for worse, depending on and relative to a certain system, mostly as it pertains to the lives of other humans and how they relate to the word *living, such as what it means to Live).

    I’m still searching though. I could be wrong. I hope I’m wrong. I still need time to refine my skills.

    The biggest thing however that I cannot yet properly answer and therefore is in part a reason for why I might move towards the idea that its been purposefully orchestrated relates to why in fact mainstream humanity (which includes public and government institutions) IS INCREDIBLY SO FAR BEHIND when it comes to the implementation of highly valuable ancient teachings, as well as, brain, technological and environmental research, when it comes to the betterment of beings.

    We have all this great knowledge and capability at our finger tips but if someone doesn’t have the appropriate values and life purpose, said simply it just goes to waste. Literally, if an embedding of the appropriate form of the above was to take place on a mass scale, civilisation as we know it would make an extreme radical shift inside less than 12 months. They’ve, we even too (as we’ve been influenced in different ways during childhood —> and this patterned feedback loop works both traditionally and generationally), have just got the wrong feedback loops operating in their minds during the day and when they sleep.

    There’s something I’m working on in terms of discovering alternate mental worlds, which travels along the lines of… “if I were in this x,y, z circumstance, with these beings, these attitudes and behaviors, what being might be created inside 6 months time?”…. And I’d create multiple scenario’s/worlds and then simulate them in time. For the simulation that I liked most (combined with the practicality of it), I would then try and compensate for the lack that is in present circumstance by imagining that I have those feedback loops surrounding me (one example is through the capturing and repeated playing of certain movie scenes to influence my choices). This message for example is one of the alternate worlds that I’ve chosen. It runs much more deeply than just choosing one decision over another, though understanding the depth of decision theory would obviously play a large part in understanding the program being run in the game of alternate worlds.

    I don’t know whether it has been you, I’ve just had thoughts, nonetheless for whatever reason that I’m yet to properly determine my computer systems have been frequently infiltrated, passwords changed, accounts deleted. Believe it or not though the changes that I’ve noticed have actually been helping me, so the selective changes that have been taking place have made for an interesting ponder. The gravity that I’ve placed on these selective changes as to they pertain to the interest level that can therefore be depicted so far doesn’t have any quality to it. From one extreme to the next, whether its a passing breeze to simply realign the direction of the leaves or a spider that’s slowly spinning its web waiting for the fly to move a certain way, I can’t yet determine. Also, if is closer to the latter, its difficult to determine the timeline. It could be 6 months. Even three years.

    It would be waiting for a certain season regardless.

    That’s what we need to do too.

    We need to plant the right seeds in ourselves. Water them properly, give them the appropriate sunlight. Harvest when its time to harvest. There needs to be disguised purpose in the ‘group’. It’s what I’m doing with myself, but I can’t do it (easily) alone. The biggest thing that affects our feedback (i.e. the one I mentioned) loops are other humans, in saying that, that’s actually where the biggest change lies and in this case, personal growth.

    – Sing well, sleep well.

  17. Michael says:

    Delete the above one too.

    I’m thinking that…

    In the future (instead of via facebook) this concept of creating a temporary place for a message to be read and then destroyed might be a safe way for members to communicate about certain topics. I guess its analogous to leaving physical mail in a secret physical mail box but in an online sense. For me I’ve learned that its not what you talk about, the general public can talk about anything, rather its the frequency and quality of the talking that matters, as this creates movement, and becomes that which is highly interesting to track and infiltrate (i.e. by groups that have counter objectives), among other things.

  18. Michael says:

    The Kybalion is changing my life Dale, I thought I’d share it with you.

    Here’s one of the resources I’ve found really useful. Something to ‘kaleidoscope’ on when you get some spare time.

  19. Michael says:

    Ha ha ha.

  20. Michael says:

    Apparently I’ve just encountered, “The Lost Principle of Natural Law (Kybalion – Hermetic Principles): Care”.

  21. Michael says:

    OK, it ‘starts’ at 3:08 min/sec.

  22. Michael says:

    I think I really like this guy.

  23. Michael says:

    He talks about “Heart, mind, gut”. I don’t know what ALL the nuances are of this yet.

  24. Michael says:

    For anyone that happens to read this. No I’m not paranoid. I silence the paranoia with focusing very closely on the subtle movements of the water in ‘my’ ‘bottle’ as I type to remember that all is constant (complicated) change, among other things, like that I currently feel as though I’m Tom Hanks in Cast Away that has finally figured out how to light a fire. Otherwise, I also remind myself that I am water. The movement of water depicts the sophistication of my consciousness. Connect water-movement-&-emotion to see what I mean. For me so far, this is the essence of comprehending and sensing all the awe that is to be found in personal energy depositing, collecting, inferring and transmuting, especially in the application of determining when it has figured out how to light a fire or… A holy light of consciousness.

  25. Michael says:

    We shall all unite.

    We are champions.

    Incremental progress. One step at a time.

  26. Michael says:





    Tom Hank’s modestly lit candle has now just turned into a bonfire.

  27. Michael Vibrates says:

    My connecting personal responsibility regarding the monitoring of my own connecting frequency has just grown ten fold. By use of the word *connecting I mean to infer that “no man is an island”.

    – Sing well, sleep well

  28. Mary says:

    I’m thinking that its quite possible that when we go to Mars at around 2023 there will begin to be a disclosure of extraterrestrials, as this is likely the time when technology has become advanced enough for mainstream consumption that it become less and less likely that government will be able to conceal the related evidence of lifeforms from other planets (that at least is inside the scenario that they have visited and ‘human’ beings in a military uniform of sorts are aware of their visiting). Meaning that there is perhaps an ulterior motive behind the MarsOne mission (among others), one more motive of which hopefully involves making beings on this Earth more cosmically aware (bringing a shift to how others see themselves, each other and by consequence how they operate on Earth). At least this would be one of my plans if I was concealing their visiting while simultaneously knowing that with time, relative to mainstream technological growth, it would get harder and harder.

    Though all in all, I take this in light of the possibility that (I’ve said this before to other beings) I’m not even on or from Earth nor am I even necessarily on the same planet as the next being who happens to be reading this comment, heck maybe different beings ‘reading’ it are from multiple planets and/or dimensions. This is a lot more different to being solipsistic as I just like to be able to SENSE the information that’s being _detected_ by my awareness, its difficult to do this solely through what books, beings and/or computer screens ‘say’. The use of the word *like however doesn’t remove me from abstract theoretical discussion (i.e. see the first paragraph for a clue).

    Otherwise I asked a few beings who looked like what books, screens and beings that look like me call human whether or not they see the same high level of beauty that I do in a simple coffee cup (for me its everything I was just using it as a prop) and anyhow I didn’t get the results I was looking for but something that was still interesting nonetheless. Two of the responses I received pertained to the abstract beauty of the cup, that is at it pertains to the ability to use it to hold liquid that you might choose to drink or put poison in for someone else to drink. As I held and motioned the cup to these beings in a way that enabled the light in the ceiling above to reflect and sparkle in constant unique ways that if played in hyper slow motion would likely resemble an enlightening aurora in the night sky I asked them whether or not they found it beautiful. Whether they saw it as alive. Nope. Mostly the responses encapsulated, “not really, its just normal”.

    This didn’t upset me like it might have in the ‘past’ but it did puzzle while simultaneously interest me. Right at this moment as I’m looking at the light reflecting off the same cup now… It’s as if I’m exchanging energy, it’s as if a portal is opening and I can wonder off into a new world. But I’m not doing so as I’m, well I’m just here typing, though it certainly feels like I can.

    I’ve recently purchased a world map. I put it on my wall to use it as a stimulus to prime myself when it comes to travelling to different geographies, environments, contexts, systems (i.e. the monetary system and how it functions, seeing the transfer/chain of money/exchange) and even processes (like chemical one’s, being performed in secret and known laboratories as well as those that nature creates such as the interesting marriage between the atmosphere and the oceans (i.e. as it pertains to weather). I reckon I’m going to be able to utilise this concept in a lot of interesting ways further on down the track and its something that I reckon would be really interesting for others to entertain, at the very least have fun with.

  29. Roger says:

    A very interesting interview I’ve recently just come across.

  30. Suchitschrodinger says:

    I’ve been talking to psychiatrists on campus also even been refered to a psychological clinic but either the doctors can’t even understand my concerns or they don’t have anything to do with it.

    This constant growing information trait coming to disturb my thoughts every time I try to focus on one specific idea has been causing me biological nausea which makes me want to shoot myself in between my eyes.

    I really don’t know what to do and what to carry on since I’m considering pursuing graduate level mathematics but I have to put too much effort solely on constraining my over-blowing thoughts.

    I don’t know if it’s worth it or what it will bring to me, compared to the pain I have to suffer from every second in my life, not to mention not being understood by almost every one surrounding me. Seriously, I mean who would care about whatever tragedies that crash you in your life especially when they cant even imagine what’s going on in your head. Literally, in your head.

  31. Cassie says:

    How does LLI affect one’s performance in school? I’m trying to determine as to whether or not I am like this. I know that my capability far exceeds that which would be believed based on my GPA, but I don’t have the motivation to put forth the maximum effort in school. I feel as if my learning is deliberate, thorough, and permanent as opposed to fast, shallow, and temporary. So even though I learn slower, I learn more and it doesn’t ever seem to fade over time. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone else with LLI? I know that I have the better understanding but its everyone else with the higher GPA.

    • Suchitschrodinger says:

      I experience the same thing. LLI greatly limits your speed of learning, so if you want to outperform those normal genius without LLI, you would have to put much more effort solely on forcing yourself focusing on details which for us are not regarded as important.

      I’m currently struggling with whether it’s worth doing so. Would appreciate any response from whomever have already got passed this kind of issues in life.

      • Samuel says:

        I actually found myself to learn faster when I can see/use/visualize the application.
        Like mechanical engineering. Just looking at a mechanical structure I can “see” the application of the various strenghts applied to each components, their effects between eachothers.

        Often it’s better to take a step back and look at the big picture. That’s how you notice details.


  32. Sam winder says:

    When you said that one of the pros was having an iq higher than 130, did you mean on the Mensa, just because I’m wondering but please reply

  33. Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if I have this condition, as I don’t believe that a diagnosis can be so black and white. I’m even skeptical as to whether or not this condition really exists or is just a synonym for intelligent, creative people. But I do believe that my level of “latent inhibition” can be considered lower than the average person. I don’t think I’ll ever get myself tested by a psychologist as I think that I would just list off the symptoms of this disorder to induce a diagnosis – who doesn’t want to be classified as a creative genius? But I’ll share my experiences.

    – I’ve always had a hard time having conversation with someone when there are loud disruptive noises in the background.

    – I can never sleep in public places no matter what and I find it strange how some people can just doze off whenever/wherever they want.

    – I have recently developed insomnia where I would just wake up randomly in the middle of the night.

    – I get somewhat anxious when in public places. I get distracted by the smallest things like if there is something moving within my peripheral vision, my eyes automatically focuses onto it. I have a hard time focusing when in class because my mind just zones out and I start thinking about random events.

    – Sometimes my mind will find connections between random tunes of music with songs that I know or have heard in the past. I remember song lyrics extremely well.

    – When driving I can see potential hazards and have avoided accidents in the past because of it.

    – I can put myself in other people’s shoes. Whenever I see a negative quality in someone, I always ask myself why they are the way they are.

    – I over analyze every situation that I’ve been in with people. I am constantly concerned with how other people see me. I’ve become skeptical people I socialize with and always analyze my interactions with them to find out what their motives are.

    There’s a lot more similarities that I have with the above list. Some to a more extent than others. One thing I don’t understand is how people with LLI respond to visual stimuli. That their brain processes different parts of the object before knowing what the object is and how they can meticulously and instantaneously recognize every detail about that object. I don’t think I have this ability as when I see a guitar, I know that it’s a guitar. Only upon closer inspection can I deduce from it the strings, the wood, frets, etc. But I think most people can do this.

    I’ve never had a situation where I felt overwhelmed at the sight of many people/things interacting or hearing noises. Though I do find I am better at noticing things out of the ordinary.

  34. Michael says:

    Go to the 24 minute mark!

    You’ve probably already come across this but check out:

    Happy New Year to ALL!!!!

  35. Samuel says:

    Anyone else addicted to this feeling of flow information?

    Like feeling great in a big noisy, living city with details flowing around?
    The lights, hearing neighbours walking around, kids screaming outside, the vehicles running, honking, the elevator opening etc… and visualizing all these “scenes” and at the same time watching a documentary on TV, your girlfriend in your arms her feelings/thoughts…
    Finding fun a military grade simulation or engineering a bridge, studying the human body.
    Enjoying more about the psychological process of getting a girl to “fall” with you, be able to make her feel good/addicted rather than the long-term relationship after you get her?

    This feeling of the flow of information you’re addicted to. Always trying to find something to feed your “sensors”? Like a junky not able to control himself and depressed without his drug.

    If yes: do people think you’re a bit weird? Some people think it’s being “smart” but I think it’s just an addiction.

    What do you think?

    • MIchael says:

      Check post down below.

      When anyone sees the name Michael and the word… Defibrillator, that’s the appropriate jolt to signal that your hearts on the right track there (to discovering the post).

  36. jordan says:

    my LLI is causing my quiz and test scores to dwindle in school. my homework is fine because i can see my notes and understand it, then apply it to my work. On quizzes and tests though i see the problems that i will have to do and they seem almost fresh and brand new to me. its not that i forgot them but i cannot put my thoughts of the current problem at hand aside enough to remember how to do the problem. do you know of anything i can do to help with this… + one more thing… i do plan on going to a good college. Is there anything i can do when applying to colleges to let them know about my condition so that they may take that into account when accepting me?

  37. anna says:

    Hey there. I dont know if you’re still on this site but i will ask my question anyways. Since i was young, teachers always said that i was way too smart for my class. Im always the youngest person. Im already in high school and in 2years i will graduate. People always ask me how it is that im so young and going to high school. (Sorry if i type something wrong, im dutch and people say my english is pretty good but i dont think so) i can only remember things being too easy for me. My whole life i have been doing nothing and getting good grades (not straight a’s, but i didnt study well so i didnt expect them). I want to know if i have low latent inhibition. Everything you said above is so similar. For example (a dumb one), i was in class and i tried to open a package of chocolates but i needed scissors for it, of course i didnt have them. Whenever im in this situation, i look around to see what stuff i DO have and see if i can solve my problem. So i grabbed my pen and broke something from it (the little thing that you use to put the pen inbetween papers idk how to say it). I made it sharp and started to use it as a knife to open the package. This is just a small example. Everytime someone says something to me. I think about it for hours :’what does the person mean with it, was it personally for me, i think i heard that sentence before in a movie, is the person trying to be like the character from the movie,does the person have low self esteem to copy the character?’ And i go on like that for hours, i also cant sleep at night because i think too much about everything all the people said to me that day. I dont think i have low latent inhibition. Im smart and i know it. Im always the one making the plans, solving the problems, looking at what is going to happen if i do something. I always ‘survive’ with what i have around me. Everything about me sounds like i have it except for my grades (i think people with low latent inhibition have straight a’s) so can you help me with this. Do you think i have it?

    • Nacho says:

      Hi Anna:

      First of all you must know that LLI cannot be diagnosed, is something you feel. By the things you say, you might have it but nobody can see your brain except for you. About grades, having low latent inhibition doesn´t mean having “straight a’s” because in most of the cases, the educational method is not the appropiate to ‘squeeze’ al the potential the brain of someone with LLI has.
      Is interesting what you said about thinking about if the words someone says have some meaning, because that’s also something I use to do. With the time I learned that in the 99% of the cases people doesn´t give a meaning to what they say, for them there are just ‘words’, so try to avoid thinking too much about them, specially at night. 😉

  38. Tim says:

    what sould i do if i think i have LLI?

    • Suchitschrodinger says:

      you should suffer in silence.

      but LLI is indeed quite rare, too rare that if you have it, once you’ve met with other LLI’s you don’t doubt it for a second that you have it. If there’s confusion, then it’s highly possible that it’s not LLI.

      That being said, only people who have LLI would understand how you feel. Even psychology professionals can’t understand/imagine what’s going on in your head.

      Thus, you may have to suffer in silence, unless you meet someone who’s highly considerate that he/she’d make special modifications for you even if he/she can’t identify what’s exactly going on.

  39. MIchael says:

    “This feeling of the flow of information you’re addicted to. Always trying to find something to feed your “sensors”? Like a junky not able to control himself and depressed without his drug.”

    Samuel, everything you said is like musical water to my ears mixed in with a rainbow being cast right beneath the skin and into the deep blue of my shark brain after a certain kind of luminescent torch (from a humans perspective) has been shone.

    I’ve just realized that all the deprivation I’ve been giving myself has been the huge cause to my depression, and a few crazy tendencies. I went internal (in between the fluctuating cracks of rain drops) for a while to sort out some stuff, and still going. Among other things I turned into a zombie though. After 20 minutes of strategic insertion of external stimuli into my awareness I feel liberated. I need both, the doctors diagnosis AND the defibrillator; strategically.


    • Margot says:

      Couldn’t agree more.

      • Michael says:

        I disagree with myself actually.

        As detailed in the comment I was just going through some stuff. It’s my advice to myself to never trust a person completely that’s “going through some stuff” haha.

        I think it’s healthier for me if I can always aim to derive state from within more in comparison and this is something that I’ve been getting better at. It’s more a process of weaning off the external crutches than it is an escape from the internal landscape. It’s our chemicals that are requiring the charge but with a focused and innovative mind I’m open to entertaining the idea that we can create chemicals, of all varied sorts for all varied things. In fact I know this from my own personal experience. I know I can create both prosperity and disorder in myself and others. I’m not against the external but for me I’m starting to rely much more on what is natural, like I used to. External crutches especially the more virtual they become, take us away from appreciating the various daughters of life in my experience.

        Even though I’m open minded, I have my fears regarding the effects of virtual reality on people for this reason. Technology is great only when its not wielded by fools or in previous contexts I’ve mentioned, those who wish to create fools. It can’t be a mistake of ignorance or stupidity. It has to be purposeful to some end. I’m not so smart that I’m the only one that sees it.

        And, even though I believe evil is probably an inappropriate term, I would describe anything as evil if it takes away from me being able to sit down and enjoy the vast beauty of a simple table, even more the leaf of a tree.

        Otherwise, even though he says a lot of great stuff that I’m treating as personal lessons (similar to the analogy I used previously regarding the gold) I’d avoid completely trusting Mark Passio. There’s nothing a lot wrong with the Kybalion but its not perfect. There’s so much disinformation out there. And I’m still in that program I talked about by the way. Similar to Mark (potentially), its the insertion of a lot of truths combined with some misalignments that one is still likely to accept given one’s mind has been put in a permeable mental state with the possible truths as a beginning. A decent way to prime psychological bias’. If you think about it, its somewhat genius. I’m not saying Mark is CIA or anything however the speculation regarding the strategic insertion of someone to talk about conspiracy in the presence of a population (scattered or not) working out that somethings a little funny with the different setups in varying societies is a great idea, if anything just to create greater confusion in someone’s mind and send them to further mental disharmony or greater scepticality. I don’t understand why there’s just so much dishonesty in the world, in every corner there’s something to pick at. Which is a decent strategy here that from other circles would be a desirable affect, the bias that one has now found themselves in regarding there being so much dishonesty in the world. It puts them or me in this case in a state of misalignment with my own intuition, where I can actually see where there’s light.

        Regardless its a very complicated problem. And, I feel that reducing it to greed and power (putting aside the fact that they’re highly emotionally loaded terms) is too truncated and simplistic, no, from my perspective that’s a potentially highly desirable effect to introduce into a living organism, ergo pavlovian conditioning in this sense and something which is naturally nursed by the extra curricula activities of the news, for example, sporting competitions. “Those cells that fire together, wire together”.

        Anyhow I’m mostly only going to focus on ensuring the prosperity of my own mind now and that of others from now on. Disinformation and things that are misaligned are (apart from possibly bringing on darkness) as clear as day, however, striving for truth and light takes hard work but it is that which is a life worth living and forgiving. The former only tells me about other humans and their faults, the latter enables me to see both myself and others as well as our potential for *illumination.

        Oh and to correct myself very briefly I actually agree on “being oneself”, however “know thyself” I find is much more agreeable to reality. Being oneself to me, is have a hurricane whenever I feel it. Know thyself is more the recognition of when a hurricane should or shouldn’t occur depending on the context. If I’m standing in front of a bee hive and I want to whack the hell out of it, being oneself is what gets one stung”, knowing thyself though is what saves the girl from the bee after she’s done being herself. At least, that’s a useful simplification I’ve found in this breath. Knowing thyself is where principles surface into one’s being, being oneself is letting themselves succumb to the darkness of their ancestors being shrouded in one’s own ignorance (as it pertains to psychological biases let’s say) was all too common. The former is difficult though and we definitely still need a healthy outlet. The Allegory of the Cave by Plato is a glimpse of this.

        For all those people that are mystified by the idea of Know Thyself, I’ve so far simply got:

        – What are the psychological biases and fallacies?
        – What is my history (i.e. childhood)? So creating an autobiography regarding how the past has affected the future. This also includes family history that you may not know about.
        – What are my “stimulus and reaction responses” that escape free will?
        – What are my inclinations and aptitudes?

        There are more but this alone has kept me real busy.It’s no easy road, however Know Thyself form me enables a much fuller life.

        Personal sovereignty is not a right but something that is earned through a journey like Know Thyself, something which I’m still blissfully working through.

        This was written on little sleep so I hope its legible.

        • Fib-or-nacci? says:

          Through its infinite chaos there is a complementary and equally opposite infinite balance in the universe. Everything has an equal and opposite reaction and in that, there must be just as many who prosper and are lead closer to truth as there are lead astray from the information which has been presented in this post, in literature, and literally every aspect of life. As a general reaction to your posts, you are unquestionably very intelligent, likely much more so than myself, but you lack the ability to present your ideas in a more simplistic and interpret able manner which I believe despite your honest intentions, you as well are producing the same result as Mark and the external literature he alludes to.

      • Michael says:

        I disagree with myself.

        I also disagree with a lot of other things.

        Know thyself.

    • jess says:

      self isolating could make you depressed. i liked the person that talked about selective attention. you have to MIND CONTROL yourself. Try the Yoga Sutras, it talks about how to control your mind. otherwise, the author said their mind “interacts” with EVERYTHING. Um yes this happens to me. Almost any environment can become intolerable. ANYWAY, training yourself to “manually” pick what is important to focus on can slowly allow us to (as become more trained) go throughout the day normally and actually MAKE it to places where we know we enjoy things. like, the gym, a party, a run, or who knows. just an idea. I also feel addicted to information. I feel that I will crawl out of my skin when it is quiet and I will literally stay up all night every night, and this causes all sorts of physical illnesses. which sucks, obviously.

  40. Lawrence duranleau says:

    Pro`s pretty accurate…but the Con`s..boy .it`s kinda scary actually .and its true, i do struggle with my addictive personality, and man its getting a toll on me.. i do need help.. Your article definitely shed a light.

  41. Hans says:

    LLI can be a burden and a strength.

    LLI might not be the answer for everyone who thinks they might have it,
    and theres a lot of people who has similarities, and gets confused.

    Self diagnose, is often very difficult.

    Just because one is weird, or struggle with certain things it doesnt have to be LLI or even a disorder.
    There are countless things that could be the reason for what ever is the matter with a person.

    But if enough criterias are met, the possibility for LLI is there.

    However i belive personally that one of the biggest identifiers for LLI is to take the logic leaps, no matter what it regards.

    What i mean is.. if a regular person with out LLI needs to think A to get to B then C then D then E

    A person who has LLI, in most cases will be able to eliminate more or most of the steps inbetween.
    and instead perhaps think A , B , E
    because they dont need B and C to get to E.
    Could also be A , C , E
    But its because logic says that its the only possible outcome, and that the ones inbetween is redundant, and excess.

    If you imagine a large thought proccess of comprehending something as a big cotton ball.
    thinking on this information, is like compressing the cotton into a smaller and smaller ball, every time you make a logic connection.. at first this large cotton ball might seem too large to be possible to compress much smaller.. but after a while the cotton ball is but a pebble,. and the seemingly difficult comprehension of this large information (cotton ball) is now easy, and you know every logic truth to the information you need.
    Now lets imagine you take several cotton pebbles that you’ve compressed, and join them together to make a new big cotton ball.. because of the logic connections you already have, you are able to compress all this information (i.e. the cotton ball) very quickly.

    Later you are able to see how many of these connections relate to each other, and therefore keep adding new cotton pebbles to the bundle.

    In the end, its a very efficient logic pathway, which allows quicker thinking, and you have learned all the shortcuts.. meaning instead of having to go through all the logic steps for each pebble, you can utilize all of them at once, because the thought proccess has been compressed and simplified.

    Translated from this metaphore, you can think of these pebbles, as factors for an outcome, once you know what possible logic variations they can have.
    You see it clearly how its put together and its an easy task.

    Instead for a regular person that has not premade made the logic connection, he must do all the ground work to get to the information relative to the challenge. And instead of a football size cotton ball as the current challenge, ( lets say 200 pebbles) the normal person see’s 200 football sized cotton balls, and its an extremely large challenge.
    But instead a person with LLI, already has this information, and just fills in the blanks.

    i dont know if this makes any sense to people, but it does to me.

    • Suchitschrodinger says:

      On special subjects, such as Mathematics, ignoring or simply not able to identify concrete logic steps can be fetal most of the time.

      I’m currently on the edge of giving up math, no matter how much I love it.

      At this point I hate myself so much that I want to be reborn without LLI or simply go to hell now.

  42. jorge says:

    I exhibit 97% of stated above, still unsure if I’m LLI though.

    I think on summary, LLI is about focus.
    Bombarded by combined mental, visual and acoustic variables are sure disturbing, however if you can create multiple train of thought and develop a laser-like focus to magnify and demagnify each one of them it would surely make you superior.

  43. Michael says:

    LLI explains everything for me. I really thought I was alone in it. I want to share quick something that may help others.

    You can imagine to run your brain manually and it works. I am an inventor and scientist, but I spent most of my life “under water ” in my mind.

    I designed a way to beat it. I call it the neuro-clutch system. Anything task that you have in front of you, you can “clutch into” Even the LLI ability can be clutched in and out of at will. (most of the time)

    Know your neutral spot. Usually found by repetition of your own name, or by training your brain to cherish silence. Then chose a task and clutch in.

    When you say “work clutch” or even “relax clutch” it becomes engaged. Remember what clutch is active when you engage it, so you can disengage it the same way. Sounds nerdy I guess, but I assure you, coupled with what we all know with the placebo effect and other mechanisms in the brain, this actually makes sense. Manually dictating command of your brain.

    I have spent my life understanding this ability and others. I wanted to share this in hopes that it helps others.

    Imagination is the key. You pilot your brain.

    • Michael says:

      The above Michael is not the real Michael.

      Any future Michael’s on this “pros-cons” is not the real Michael, ‘I’ (we’ll see what this means later on, something I’ve suspected all along and was misaligned to ever “believe” anything to the contrary, some story of self-hood, especially its more gluttonous forms, is the very danger that prevents humanity from the growth it needs (and is in some ways making some ground towards) to make.

      Again, I have no idea who that fraud is.

      It seems like something I might say but honestly I find it quite moronic, my brain is much more sophisticated, at least for now (nothing more constant than change). He (if it is a he or even an it) didn’t even go onto talk about the mechanisms of neural maps and the interplay between neural maps, as well as, entertaining the nature of creating specific neural maps for general fields, which happens automatically, always, especially when you’re hanging out with a group of new people for extended periods of time, such as being stuck on an island with a whole bunch of people you don’t like because you generally can’t select who goes on the plane with you, especially if you’re flying economy (meaning the plane crashed on the island!).

      Regardless, humanity needs to wake up and stop playing this self-hood story game business which doesn’t exist but it feels it needs to protect. We’re irrefutably, each one of us, (some more efficient than the next) merely neurons connected and yet we walk around all day talking to one another as if we’re separate, even though when we go home and fall asleep our brains play out the memories and start creating maps relating to the person where we even start to act like them the more we cycle their loop (which simply goes back to thoughts relating to changing feedback loops to changing the world but again, as I’ve said below, there will be no book writing or signing here); its the basic premise to how and why culture is formed and therefore how and why we see cultural differences and how and why things become more civil the more these differences collide, not only on the level of tolerance but these seemingly different people have become more like one another! But of course, as it concerns cultural conflict there are more delusional rivers (as it concerns human short comings) of wine we need to swallow and clean with our nervous system before we synthesize completeness in a formula that completely resolves the illusion of separation.

      Otherwise I don’t mean to be mean, a less intelligent version of myself would find your comment very intelligent indeed! Everything is perspective, we merely need to differentiate it, such as discovering that my put downs are merely for amusement, contrary to anything that can find itself on the other side of the spectrum, such as a death threat. Yes, I am now sending a death threat! To put another way, a more intelligent version of myself probably wouldn’t have found the need to insult you, but to be honest, I don’t think that version of “myself” has the sense of humour that I’m desiring in this moment, maybe if I start hanging out with x group of folk for y and why period of time.

      The following is what “I’m” (change) referring to as an exploration of the unexplored scientific reality that change with the self is inevitable, which is the same as saying that the self doesn’t really exist at all, especially not relative to the way that a human being might normally identify with an “I”. Which is sort of a long but relatively very, very short way of saying that “I” disagree with myself again but that I can’t be bothered writing a book here on all the ways I disagree with myself, such as hurling abuse at unsuspecting posters here which aren’t likely to venture back or people that I’m stuck on an island with. Question everything with balance and certainty, a beautiful irony.

      Alan Watts – The World In Flux !

    • jess says:

      I think this is great! And gets to the root of the problem / a constellation of related solutions that people are sharing here. Aka: how to control it so it does not run you ragged and suck you dry.

      I understand this as selectively ‘disengaging’ (taking a pause, emptying your mind for a moment) then, with awareness engage and gear into the next problem. Brilliant metaphor very helpful. If this is what it seems (just discovered LLI about an hour ago) then we all really need to work at this mind control to harness our little superpower here. NB: Yoga Sutras, highly recommend, reads like a mechanic’s handbook to the mind.

      I’ll share my latest hack, or maybe it’s just a symptom. What I’ve taken to doing is literally sitting down every night before bed and drawing heirarchical boxes of the things I am working on in life and what the next steps are in order, and what I AM focusing on and what I am NOT focusing on right now. Otherwise I tend to try to maximize EVERYTHING simultaneously. I have an intolerance of imperfection or unsolved problems, and I get interested in new things easily. It can be very annoying. I definitely have this thing described above where I take in 500 stimuli to someone else’s 4. I can’t not notice the difference in perception – by definition lol. (I envy them). And I go around casually and impulsively optimizing things I actually don’t care that much about.

      Anyways, what I wanted to share that was the revelation that I might actually need to “manually” refocus myself on things that I have “decided” are important, and that I have the ability to block out these unimportant things such that I do not have 20 simultaneous projects. My sanity is worth it. (otherwise I’ll end up down all sorts of rabbit holes and spend money and time on things that aren’t important. )

      In my defense, people do think I am quite creative/competent when I take something on, and ask if I’m formally trained. I just pay attention and my mind does not stop slicing and dicing – (to the 20th step out like an infernal go game of life).

      I asked a friend trained in physics and he offered the idea of a “degenerate equation” whereby you put too many variables and try to optimize for them all and this becomes suboptimal and you get stuck. This happens to me.

      I don’t think this group is afflicted with a problem even if it is problematic. I think it is blessed with the ‘before’ state of higher awareness. Biological evolution favored animals that would keep their head down and fuck and fight based on the singular details at hand and assign them great importance. How can we do this when we see everything, there is too much to consider. We don’t make good breeders maybe but … I think we can be more aware if the mind does not burn out.

      Thanks for listening.

  44. Sandro says:

    Thought I just read my whole life right here

  45. Tobi says:

    I have found LLI through researching and from a show, Prison Break i’m sure many people have seen it . Since then i have been completely intrigued by this and have been looking up many ‘symptoms’ After examining them in detail through different sites have found that i am very similar and since then i have been watching videos by The LLI youtube channel. I have been showing people that i know about the ‘symptoms’ and they agree i also have many ‘symptoms’ These include : Not being very social, disliking school due to the methods , noticing many noises that others don’t and get easily frustrated by them as well as easily seeing deception and a heavy lack of sleep. What would others say is there a way to get tested that will be accurate because I have read many people get misdiagnosed with other things

    • Chris says:

      Prison Break is awesome, Michael Scofield might be one of my favorite characters on television. He’s always got a plan up his sleeve :).

      I would agree with you, research some therapist who have somewhat been involved in LLI research. You could even research peer reviewed articles and make a list of psychiatrist involved in the studies, and then just try to get a consultation with them.

    • jess says:

      just assume you have it. welcome, i think.

  46. Brandon says:

    Hi I’m Brandon I never been diagnosed with anything but HDHD they gave me mediation but my mom took me off because I focused way to hard on one thing. I feel I may have been misdiagnosed. I’m 17 and my brain has always been filled. I’ll explain to other how I have lack of sleep because I can never ever stop thinking I think I must have some kind of sleeping disorder. But I look at my phone my brain continuously breaks down questions on how am I able to touch these button to type out words? Then that leads to how can these letters make words then I think about how these letters are only lines, then how lines can only be written or typed, how am I in a reality where nothing is a reality? To many question and questions only mean answers I have to find. I annoy my girlfriend because I can never remember something anyone can remember but it’s not memory loss because Ik it’s there I just think of something else. I’m still in high school but I have a IQ score of 142 I blow my teachers away because I’m over here thinking about how my schools designed but I’m failing classes because when they teach me I have to branch off in my own learning because they stop to early and I want to learn more then I get behind. I get almost obsessed with knowledge my dad tells me I’m more mature and wiser then people who are 60 and I’m still a teen, I feel know one will ever understand how my brain works. Know one will ever know the battles I have to fight with to stop thinking! I’m on this page for one thing to learn how to get diagnosed so I can get help some pointers on how to co-op with this. I’m only asking for help.

    • Hans says:

      Brandon even if this answer is over a year late, i hope you read it, and don’t be alarmed.
      But you should see a psychiatrist, what you describe is usually the result of a psychosis.

    • jess says:

      Brandon, you are fine don’t listen to Hans. Your mind just thinks differently, and you’re probably quite intelligent. Nonetheless you might be more comfortable with medication, so feel free to try with the hlep of a psychiatrist but know there is nothing WRONG with you. if you do have LLI it can be uncomfortable, also strongly recommend MEDITATION practice: mind control. It might take a long time to train but be comfortable and content with the process of it, liek training a muscle you will be able to focus selectively on ‘real world’ normal things (aka normative reality), and prioritize tasks more easily.

      The stupid box/school is likely not for you and your teachers may get threatened by you. But, its what we’ve got, they can’t cater to you it is out of the budget.. Get what you can and supplement the rest. Don’t get fucked up on drugs, find the other smart people who understand you and are working on important things. Fight like hell to get around them. For us there are a few outcomes that pull strongly: drug addiction/jail, or CEO/Phd. Probably not diplomat. Good luck!

  47. Mason says:

    i can honestly say other than the driving well part, I have done or felt everything on this list. For many years I have used Marijuana to slow me down and let me just focus on one thing at a time and not get overly anxious. But after reading this list I’m wondering if maybe a low level anti anxiety medicine might help. Any thoughts? (Particularly something fast acting. I’ve grown used to having 100000 thoughts at once and I use it to my advantage now. But it’d be nice to have something for when it my head gets to jumbled and I can chill myself out quickly for a few minutes)

  48. rose says:

    This sounds all to familiar but how can you find out if you actually have LLI?

  49. Chris says:

    Wow. I stumbled on this today (early A.M. when I couldn’t sleep) after what is probably a common occurrence for most of you (locked on a topic after watching a movie, researched sensory processing, sensory processing disorder, then LLI). I got up this morning finally understanding what is going on with me, why I have felt that I can never relate to most people, why I feel really anxious in most social situations yet feel totally relaxed driving 120 mph on the highway. Thank you for creating this website.

    Had a really tough time when I was younger, never followed the rules the teacher laid out (i.e: preschool I ate when I was hungry instead of waiting “to eat with everyone else at lunchtime”. Logically I understood why the teacher wanted me to wait to eat with everyone else, but because we were doing most doing non-productive conformity bullshit exercises anyways, I just decided the teachers were being stupid and decided to eat anyways. Was taken to a therapist by my parents, was labeled with Sensory Integration Dysfunction (now Sensory Processing Disorder). Put in Special Education until I was in sixth grade when the teachers finally started figuring out that I was just bored out of my mind with futile exercises such as cursive (because everyone totally uses cursive these days, right?). Got in trouble from my history teacher when I memorized the dates, events, and key players of every single war in the American Revolution and did some students take home test for them.

    I started to figure out something was “wrong” with me when I could sit 8 hours at a time and read academia history textbooks just for the fun of it. I realized logically that this type of behavior wasn’t considered normal. I was picked on a lot because I didn’t “try to fit in” with what other people were doing. Found out that doesn’t sit too well with the group as most people tend to get insecure with someone who is comfortable doing their own thing. At first it was fine because I figured it was just a phase. But I started getting really depressed in high school when I realized my peers would probably never enjoy the things that I did, or have a degree of “depth” in the way they perceived the world. I began eating lunches by myself because eating in a large cafeteria with lots of voices was sensory overload. Enjoyed college because I could finally take classes that had intellectual discussions where we could collectively explore issues (such as philosophy). Had a lot of teachers that tried to get me to switch my major, but I also realized that philosophy professors don’t make too much money.

    I hate the fact that I can come to rapid conclusions about almost any social outcome or situation, or see the fact that most people will go oblivious through life working a job that they kind of enjoy because they want to be “accepted” by the collective. I see these same people as unique individuals that could achieve so much more, and become so great, but are too afraid to be “different”. They would rather have “cool” friends and get invited to “fun” parties than have the stones to pursue the the things they truly desired. I want to scream sometimes because I feel that I have thousands of thoughts about so many different things every minute, and that literally no one can relate to that. I’m angry that guys think I’m cool and girls think I’m attractive when I put on a “mask”, acting insecure and treat others with disrespect. Deep down, I actually care about others and I’m a nice, genuine guy. I’ve always wanted to help people because of my experiences, and it’s the main reason I decided to become a nurse (murse represent!). I literally feel others pain as if it was almost mine, and I want to bring out the best in people, both in their physical and psychological health. But every time I try to help one of my patients, I inevitably end up making my coworkers feel insecure because, “I’m just a nurse” and “I’m not suppose to know how that stuff works”. God forbid if I read a textbook on my own time and make one of the residents look slightly foolish.

    In terms of how I’ve managed this, it’s complicated. My parents didn’t want me on drugs, so I haven’t started taking anything until recently. Adderall helps me block out unnecessary environmental stimuli. It’s technically used for ADHD, but it short circuits my nervous system which decreases my “sensitivity”. I also take mediation for social anxiety, which turns my mind off and also decreases my “sensitivity” to novel stimuli. I loved smoking Marijuana in college because it turned my mind off and helped me to relax, but unfortunately as most hospitals drug test I can’t risk using it regularly. I would probably drink before coming to work as well if it wasn’t considered socially unacceptable and subsequently cause me to lose my job. I can focus on latent tasks when I’ve consumed a moderate quantity of alcohol, and I know it would actually improve my performance at work. However, if I had to choose between the two smoking would probably best increase my neural inhibition towards novel stimuli.

    Is there any other pharmacological therapies I should consider? Read that beta blockers decrease physiological sympathetic response, which may help to “take the edge off” so to speak. Also wondering if there are any cognitive, behavioral, or psychoanalytic techniques people have found to be successful for them. I notice when I run regularly and eat really healthy food, it tends to help with my ability to inhibit (if anyone wants diet tips, I’d recommend The Ultramind Solution). Meditation does wonders but it’s really difficult to shut my mind down. I usually watch TV to turn my mind off, but TV tends to be real unhealthy for you and I’m open to alternative options. Finally, just wondering if there’s any other therapy, technique, herb, or voodoo magic 😉 that I haven’t considered or stumbled across on the internet. Thank you all, and thank you again for creating this site!

  50. Gia coniglio says:

    I think it is much more complex ,Much more on the spiritual level than anyone here has acknowledged .Yes this is a distinct category alright . Too many signs pointing in the direction of a different kind of human being .I am not trying to sound eliete but yes we stand apart in many ways ..We willl continue t seek that is a given ..!!… A blessing or Acurse ! We go on feeling it with soo much pain and pleasure . living in a maze .., Life is Amazing isn’t it !!!

    • jess says:

      I agree with you I think it is a greater awareness. We were made blind to procreate – emphasis: humans have a greater awareness potential, and it is dulled in order to make us blind animals.

      I just discovered this today as I was writing about manic depression (multi dx I guess). “In that liminal state between life and death there is inspiration but also an existential, profound discomfort that comes with the halfway dead.”

  51. Cassius says:

    Hey ladies and gents…
    Just to be brief or as brief as I can be…
    I am 26 yr old male who has had massive life challenges, especially educationally, having to try and operate under the educational formal banner.
    I have 125 ish IQ by no means outstanding, but top few percentage anyway and my situation is very precarious presently.
    Despite my intellect I couldn’t get past one semester of work at uni for a few reasons.
    1) I can’t focus with classroom noise
    2) I get deeply engrossed in 1 subject over the others.
    I loved maths and physics but I found it painful to follow a teachers instructions.
    I found a way to teach myself any form of maths through a visual spatial format. The problem is basic elementary math I can’t help with because no teacher knows what I am doing and their are marks for each question… Thus they require you do it exactly their way. I looked at stochastic calculus and looked at advanced derivations and I could easily understand using my method of approach, despite not knowing in great detail about multi variable calculus.
    The teachers I showed didn’t say I was wrong just that it was interesting and odd.
    I believe that I could learn advanced math and simultaneously learn basic rules if I had a tutor who could help me out it together. I am a visual spatial learner .. I think in pictures and images. Rote learning and linear work kills me.
    Basically, as presently stands I quit uni, I can’t do anything to a rigid criteria as they expect at uni and as a result can’t get corporate level entry role with hedge fund or asset manger.
    My passions are financial markets and trading and I did love math and pshysics but there is no point in developing a quant type trading system because it would destroy my intuition which is about establishing underlying patterns from one market to another in non linear way.
    I have seeing over 5 medical health professionals ranging from psychologists to a psychiatrist and neuropsychologist.
    what they concluded : I have anxiety disorder, I have non verbal learning disorder, I have mild form of Aspergers oh and inattentive type ADHD.
    I literally have no control voluntarily over my filtration capacity to shut up external stimuli and noise, my brain is a sponge.
    I am at my best when I am alone in my own head I can spend hours upon hours reading all sorts of fin market work from corporate finance to tech analysis to commodities markets mechanics. Don’t get bored and I just read three four books at a time. I found that if j write stuff down I will neve retain it better then when I first read it.. So I just speed read and store it in my own way for proper application when I trade in next year or so.
    I am concerned because I have limits job prospects where I can succeed and prosper because you have to work with a lot of noise and people and I get drained also I hate taking orders from people I perceive to be stupid and I find routine boring.
    Though all my research over few years to try and find some sort of identity and explanation as to why I am this way and have challenges and problems with social, emotional and academic success…
    I just am at a lost.
    My opinion: I am a creative genius who is wired to be able to see cause and effect and underlying patterns better then most, in order to do this I need to operate alone and in unstructured environment keeping up to date with financial markets like indexes commodities etc and finding patterns in news and reactions in markets etc.
    Through my history I have noticed so many times that I am mentally way ahead of most people I come across and they accuse me of over analysing things… Which makes me so angry because I just see a lot of scenarios that they can’t.
    I know the genius things sound arrogant but I have read about creative geniuses and guys like Einstein and others and he was also visual spatial and I genuinely believe he found a way to teach himself and still pass math exams etc like I was trying to do.
    Do you know of a professional who can diagnose me with LLD or assess me??
    My parents need to understand my challenges and my family because they think I’m just making excuses and being lazy and could do anything I wanted.
    I work all the time in my room all day studying the markets and trying to come up with original approach so that I can full time trade derivatives using global macro approach and maybe find out that my brain was perfectly suited to trading and can support myself for rest of my life.
    Sorry for the long winded comments, but I just need some identity and understanding.

    Why at times in high school, uni and conversation I see things so deeply way beyond most and then when I have to be around people I lose my hyper focus and get distracted.
    LLI is best explanation as to what I have experienced and still am … Also a psych I saw said to me that I was the smartest person I have ever met, your IQ is 20-30 points off what it should be.
    People who I can relate to closely… Will guy off good will hunting , Schofield off prison break.. Michael burry they guy who made killing buying credit default swaps when credit crises happened in USA in 2008.also something of interest. I suck at computer programming .
    Thanks good people .

  52. Alan Joe says:

    I have never been diagnosed and I have never taken a IQ test that I remember . I have stumbled through like knowing I was different but not sure how. As I read through your pro and cons of LLI I automatically started creating a check list in my mind an I saw a picture of myself right down to the addiction I hated school and never finished soon as I was sixteen I was gone. I’m now 60 and I’ve made a good living in mining , construction and the steel industry. I have been able to learn things quickly and in mining and the steel industry. I currently hold four trained positions in the steel industry and not been able to understand why I learn new things I like to do quickly. I am being treated for insomnia, I’m a recovered alcoholic low noises irate and sometimes become very angry because of it. I don’t know if I have LLI but it sure gives me hope that I’m not crazy please tell me I don’t need to take meds for this that it’s manageable.

  53. bob goodwin says:

    I discovered this diagnosis the same way many others did on TV, and given the amount of research I have done I am amazed I had never heard of this before. This is the first Pro/Con list I have every gotten almost 100% on (although I am never a good driver). I am 57 and on Ritalin now, but I will say I like taking speed. I have had neurological symptoms recently, involuntary movements, and extreme sensitivity to noise. I am learning that the Tourette’s like symptoms are my way of processing pain from unrelated medical challenges. But I am a very high functioning person in my profession, and considered unique and creative and insightful in ways others cannot understand. However, I can’t really go to meetings, and am constantly in the cross hairs in big company politics, and paranoid about which people are going to create trouble for me. I went to an Ivy league school, but in fairness stopped going to school in 6th grade, when the teacher made me a little cave in the classroom, and once or twice challenged me on something I didn’t know, and threw some books into the cave. Rarely went to classes, just like I can’t go to meetings now. I convinced people I was a genius, and I knew I needed to do that to get where I was going. I never thought that being a genius meant being as unable to conform as I was, and I also thought the term should only be applied posthumously. I got my electrical engineering degree with a few nights of study each semester, and once in a while just by sitting in the professor’s office for 30 minutes to prove that I had mastered the material. Professors are really reluctant to fail geniuses.
    I have remarkably little fear in life. I started hitchhiking at 16, and when I reached half way around the continent my mother decided I should have a car at 19. By 24 I raised money from a venture capital firm and started a company (which was the model for the movie Office Space). I sat in a small room for 9 months and designed a number of chips and later wrote the software and thus was the first to put live video on computer display with windows and graphics and text working (while working with MIT). But always there was heavy drug use, outrageous behavior, social isolation, and invention. But I was also arrested for faking a kidnapping (nobody was touched or ever would have been, unfortunately people don’t understand things very well) that was really meant as a sophisticated joke amongst friends of a like mind.
    I have had deep relationships, and care a lot about others, and have a family I adore and can care for well. But I still am inventing outrageous things every day, and nobody has the faintest idea what to do with me except let me run free and see what happens.
    Like others on this thread, lots of personal research about my possible ADHD, autism, bipolar, and borderline. In fact, people with those diagnosis have filled my life. But I knew none of them fit. Recent research had made me aware that about 10% of ADHD types have ‘sensory integration issues’ that appear like ADHD. I decided this meant to me that I had no filter. I could not stop anything coming in my head, or leaving my mouth. Senses were wired differently for me. Perhaps this is true. Perhaps the issue is what I am discovering here. Perhaps they are the same thing. But insanity never seemed too far away, but also never seemed to be a threat either. The few times I have had vivid hallucinations of people talking where mostly interesting to me, and only scary in retrospect. But most of the time I am running large simulations in my brain, and discover things that the most respected people in their fields find impossible. I cured my own cancer, for example. Not a bad cancer, so not particularly amazing, but the way I did it (with documented proof from Harvard no less) just fritzes people’s minds in the field.
    I work on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years most years, and definitely Saturday and Sunday. If I run out of work from my employer, I make up my own work to do and invent things on the side.
    I hope my story is helpful to others. But I don’t wish this on others. Although I have a lot of freedom in life and can wake up at odd hours every day and buy whatever I want, I am driven, driven, driven to create, and with my age limiting my remaining time the self pressure is only growing. I take 40-50 pills a day and have tremendous anxiety. But I also love the feeling of creating, and love the love I get from my family every day.

    Best to my fellow travelers.

  54. Lewis says:

    I think I may have this I’m 14 as of now. And after watching prison break I learned a out this I read through the systems and pros and cons list and from inspection of seems I may have it but I’m not 100% is there a way I can test at home before asking a doctor and is there any long term issues in the future. Also as Im 14 I have exams is there any ways to manipulate low latency inhibition for my personal benefits for remembering and working out equations in maths (I’m already pretty good as I can do like trigonometry, algebra etc fluently)

    • says:

      same story hear man but i am 17 and you can just stop dreaming while study if this happens just think on pros and cons of not studying

  55. Sam says:

    Wow. This pretty much sums up my life. This article made me want to jump for joy and breakdown in tears all at once.

  56. Femi Abiodun says:

    You know, when I read this again and again, I see myself in virtually everything written in the Pros and the Cons, except that I have never been diagnosed; for obvious reasons: I have never given anyone any reason for diagnosis, ‘cos I keep to myself often. I have an IQ of 195 and I always have this feeling that nobody understands what I’m thinking, even if I wrote ’em down.
    I find it so difficult to sleep or remain asleep for longer than two hours in an entire day. LLI is a great thing, but best if you have a genius IQ and can channel it for your own good and that of others.
    My honest opinion.

  57. Femi Abiodun says:

    In any case, I don’t really believe in IQ scores. Real intelligence is much more than IQ scores…

  58. Maikel says:

    I have all and each one of the pros without exception and only five of the cons. How’s that?

  59. amr says:

    I tend to forget things very easily or more often than normal people. Could that be related to LLI in any way?

  60. amr says:

    I can strongly relate to the majority of the pros but not as much to the cons, does that mean I might not have LLI?

  61. says:

    sir in this stage does the person has dizzy felling when he or she wakes up ,and does his brain fell hard to hold i mean while walking it sorties fells that we are going another direction ) please i would like the answer…

  62. James says:

    Hi. I hope this page is still used often cause after researching more on it I can see more and more connections to myself. I’m 16 and I think there might be some issues with LLI that no one has covered (then again could just be my own personal quirks). I’m not sure if this is related to LLI but I seem to have several sensory issues (I had seen someone else relate some sensory issues to LLI). For example as of lately I can’t stand being touch. Holding someone’s hand or receiving a hug makes my brain scramble or even someone with their hand on my shoulder makes me feel like I can’t breathe. Another issue is certain textures/sounds annoy me. For example the white cotton you find in pill bottles hurts my ears. Not the sound of it rubbing together but just looking at the cotton causes my ears to throb with pain. Also when Jen told her story up at the top of the feed the stuttering had become more noticeable when I was in depressive phases. I would be going on a rant about something my friends couldn’t connect with me on and I would randomly start to stutter (some other things in life caused it to be a shitty time) anyways they would laugh but it had never happened before. I started to stutter more and more until I got out of my “funk”. Sometimes whenever I slip the stutter will return midley. I also for the longest of time thought everyone thought like me. I was (still am) called a asshole or a dick due to the fact I seem so condescending and putting people down during conversations. I expect people to think the same way as me and try and get them too agree on my veiws over theirs. Ive also noticed some LLI story’s mention manipulation of people. I had a friend who’s life I tried to fix by controlling him because I didn’t see the logic in what he was doing (wonder if anyone else feels this way). I also notice people with LLI including myself have several narssistic tendencies and anti social disorder tendencies. I always have to be right in situations and even now I can’t think of a time ive been wrong. I think because of my friends not having LLI they can’t jump from point 1-12 like I can which causes arguments and the “you always have to be right” speech to pop up. I have also noticed that people with LLI have to always help people. The friend I mentioned before I sacrificed so much for to make him happy and same with all my other friends. I feel like Im the only one who cares about keeping things together (this might sound like petty highschool shit but I hope I’m relating to teenagers who may have LLI). Anyways I hope my quirks are things other people with LLI relate to and can find out more on maybe how to fix it or make it more accessible to people. (Pardon the spelling and grammar it’s very early in the morning and yet again I’m getting no sleep)

    • James says:

      1 thing I forgot to mention was tough skin. What I mean by that is I’m very upfront and honest with my opinions. I don’t hide the truth or try to coat it up because for the longest of time I thought everyone thought like me. If I was putting on weight and someone told me I was I would accept their opinion. With other people it seems like any flaw you point out in them they instantly get “butt hurt” over your comment. It seems like no one can take honest critism anymore. Then again my opinion isn’t usually asked for by friends but IIke give it cause I feel if I were in their shoes I would want to know also (it’s only logical isn’t it?). Again I hope this connects some way to other people with LLI I’m excited to read more and study on it.

  63. FFR says:

    This. Is. Me. Mind constantly bouncing. My parents were told I had ADD by one doctor…that I was incredibly creative and didn’t see the world like “normal” people did by another. I tested with 187 IQ. I’ve been laughed at for my inability to get over the ceiling fan or tv or radio. My parents called me impossible because I need total silence to sleep. No, guys, I don’t. I just can’t handle rhythmic noise…because my brain is looking for the pattern. Struggled with impatience in school because shut up already I got it the first time and just let me do the home work, ok? I’m almost always right about people. Intuitive, I’ve been told. Uncanny. Large crowds freak me out….to the point I thought I might be agoraphobic. I’m a ditz. I forget where my car keys are, yet I can store random useless facts after hearing them once. I hear multiple conversations at work, and pick them all out. I’m constantly evaluating everything around me. My brain works overtime. When I was being evaluated for everything under the sun, one of the tests measured thought processes, I scored 9/10….the highest they’d seen. I look for patterns in things like wallpaper or umbrellas or sweaters. I dropped out of high school because it was boring. I cringe at being limited and boxed in by rules that prevent me from being me. This whole article…is me.

  64. Karen says:

    I find that if I were to pick a tv show or movie to watch, the best are those that include mythical etc. contexts. I find if I cannot exactly predict what will happen due to the fact that literally anything could happen, it is actually interesting to watch. I cannot predict a zombie apocalypse or what will happen in that scenario so I don’t sit there predicting what will happen and getting it correct for example. So ‘normal’ movies are extremely boring because of the predictability of them and the extremely boring un-sitimulating qualities to them.

  65. tony choppa says:

    “Sometimes it seems as though you’re operating on a different frequency to those around you who don’t have low latent inhibition. It’s almost as though you are able to operate on what seems almost like an invisible level, which provides you with a very strong ability to control and influence your surrounding environment without other people noticing that you’re doing so.”

    perfect. sometimes i wonder how other people cant see things the same way i do, considering i see things in the most simple way possible. i can see the deepest thing in a situation, therefore calling it out allows me to control everything, if that makes sense,

  66. Enzo says:

    These pros and cons , is this for people with LLI and a high IQ or in general.
    Is there a difference in feelings regarding LLI and a high or low IQ?

  67. All of the aboe written gets a tick. Addictive personality to the point i am doing a degree in addictions, all pretty obvious but i am sure there are better ways, typical of people like us,, searchers. personally i am lazy unless something interests me, and then i will be at it for 3 days and nights straight, Once i am happy i have conquered it i stop and move on. Usualkly it would seem unfinished to eetrybdy else, but if I am happy i have it sussed that’s all i need, unless its a computer or something, I spent 3 days breaking upo my P.C,s brain and puttinh it back together again from scratch, trial and error my only tool. I am pretty sure I know more about the cures than the peop,le blogging fixes. ( sounds arrogant and I’m sorry for that, but i think if people agree then i’m in the right place.If not I will be my usual self and keep quiet about fdoing things like that.
    Good to meet you all.

  68. Maikel says:

    It could be fantastic if you had a section of how to deal with it, how to use do stuff differently that normally take us ages.

    For example when I’m in a party, I’m the soul of it, then for the next 3 days I just want to be on a cage completely alone because of the overdose of information to process. Weeks after it I will remember the whole thing as if just happened 5 minutes ago and have all that info available when I see any of the people from the party elsewhere. Which is handy….but the 3 days “please leave me alone” is NOT. I want to learn how to control it or avoid it altogether.

  69. TriNitro4 says:

    Also, and at least for me, you are able to tell where something is and not always because you simply remember where it is but rather because you know where it should be. for example if your dad asks you for the hammer you remember it being in the toolbox but you know he used it recently and tell him its there all without having to look for it. its different to having a really good memory or memory techniques like memory palace. also you can get mistaken for having photographic memory and you may even say its only selective (this was me before I knew of LLI). The best part of LLI is when you are making something from scratch say using wood and you can recall everything you have and everything you need and not even need to make a blueprint or something and it just feels like you can do something instinctively.

    • Hidden_in_plain_sight says:

      It’s the same way for me. I grew up helping my dad do construction, sometimes rivaling my older brother in coming up with solutions (he has almost six years expirance than I do). It’s hard having LLI and not having anyone to help you through the cons, at times even the pros can seem more like cons (Trust me, it can and has happened, primarily because people think you’re weird and treat you like freak or monster because you see more than they do. Seeing more than others has gotten me in trouble more times then I can count.) the doing things on instinct can get a little creepy, especially if it’s something you’ve never done before. It’s good to finally hear about and read stories from other people like me. I thought I was alone, that I was the only one like this; I’m glad I’m not. One thing I have found that helps when dealing with over stimulation is meditation (having ADHD and trying to meditate sucks, but it works; most of the time. Sometimes I need to just go and do something that I’ve done a million times before, something that does not involve much thinking).

  70. Dylan says:

    Considering that LLI is extremely hard to diagnose, I don’t want to advertise and label myself with a condition that wasn’t formally given to me. I don’t know that I have LLI. I do know that a majority of the indicators mentioned could just as well be a description of me. My name is Dylan and I have been feeling more and more alone despite always being surrounded by friends. I am 16 years old, I have a social life, I have above a 4.0 gpa, I have a loving family, I have everything I could want, but I feel like I am different because of the way I think. Throwing modesty aside, I am known for being the smartest person in my school. I have my own personal opinions about that. (Sorry if I am jumping from topic to topic, I can’t help it and trying to fix it later just makes it worse). However great I see my life, I am still missing out. I have always been waiting for a day to meet someone else who thinks like me. I want someone I could talk to for hours about how the world works and why it does. I find people who are more than capable of meeting that need for specific topics, but I have never met someone who is a reflection of myself, someone who is well rounded and has the capability to have opinions about anything we talk about. Some might deem this problem petty compared to other things. The mental stress is building up after each day and I am fearful of snapping. I’m not sure how to react to this feeling.

    • Hans says:

      I understand how u feel Dylan, and don’t you worry too much about this.
      There are others like you, including my self.
      But i recommend you talking to a shrink, not that there is something wrong with you.
      But talk to a shrink, so he/she can help you organize and understand your thoughts, in a way that helps you understand and manage them differently.
      If you don’t get a good handle on it early on, it will most likely make you feel depressed.
      Best of luck to you Dylan.

  71. J says:

    This is practically my life typed up. Thanks everyone for sharing their opinions everything’s starting to make a lot more sense noww.

  72. My Name says:

    thank you this helped me a lot

  73. Diana says:

    Has anybody tried neurofeedback to “correct” low latent inhibition negative effects (for example: Low working memory) without losing one’s creativity levels? – Thanks!

  74. Raych says:

    I have LLI and the article is correct….we CANNOT read minds. People present in many ways to hide so many things. There are many ways people fake just to get by, not to hurt anyone. With my LLI I can tell if someone is faking quite well, but that does not mean I can tell what they are REALLY thinking.

    I am often confused because I want to make it right. I try not to confuse people and always am attempting to square these circles. I cannot fake. I do not know if that is part of LLI but I find faking hard.

    I also feel deceptive if I try to “read ” people, like it’s not my place. I have not used this to try to trick anyone or make them do anything.

  75. Daniel says:

    LLI seems cool and beneficial, but to those who don’t have it. I can say most of the time it’s not. It is always so distracting when you meet someone new and you work out a hundred things: was her parent an alcoholic, is he happily married, did she intentionally not make eye contact when she walked past, she clutches her hand bag a little tighter than she has to could this be from child abuse or recent theft, anxiety. But sometimes it’s not that bad and can be useful, manipulation is easier because you know which fears and desires to exploit. A constantly active mind has its pros and cons as you have read up there which can be controlled if you need it to be. Anyway this is my perspective on LLI. It is great that awareness is being raised.

  76. Zachary says:

    Hi I believe I have LLI, and I am a 14 year old boy with an I.Q of 128. Does anyone know if it also can result in anger problems? I was just wondering if this is a con anybody else has had?

  77. Sean Mcmahon says:

    Can Low Latent Inhibition be diagnosed.

  78. John Beck says:

    Interesting that so many of the comments seem to consider this condition as a negative.

    I am textbook LLI and I LOVE being this way.

    Granted there are things you have to learn to cope with and do differently that “normal” people but for the most part it’s a good thing as far as I am concerned.

  79. Dan says:

    how does someone get diagnosed with LLI because ive been tested in school for adhd/add and dyslexia because I kept getting in trouble with the teachers because I went to a religious school and ii didnt like the way they were teaching and treating me and my friends they didnt say I had dyslexia and they didnt say I had add/adhd but they said I was defiantly different from the other kids and that I had a high IQ and almost all of those points fit me

  80. Matiss says:

    I think that everyone on here, can agree that, just because someone has these “symptoms” doesn’t mean they are “different”.
    Sure you can say you have these “symptoms”
    But the real question here is: how average are they?
    just because people are here and are talking about this and think that they are different doesn’t mean that these “symptoms” are rare.
    Yes, people usually don’t talk about these kinds of things so we think that if it’s rare – it’s unique.
    But maybe it’s so common and self-explanatory that no one is talking about it because everyone has it.
    I personally think that people who are like that are unique, but let’s not be biased.
    Has anyone every did any study on how many people have these symptoms?
    But like it says “we don’t like limits and boundaries”
    don’t assume that you are what the description says you are, don’t limit yourself to the label until it’s been proven, as there is very little know about this “phenomenon”.
    I might be wrong on some things here, and I hope to hear some feedback, so I can correct myself and become smarter on this and many more subjects.
    I hope people will appreciate me being discreet about whether this description applies to me or not – IF you really have Low Latent Inhibition.

  81. paradise attar says:

    is there a way to make sure if you have Low Latent Inhibition? like a test or something?

  82. Ted D says:

    Ive recently been introduced to lli or cognitive disinhibition, so I have yet to research it extensively. I do however read a good deal of psychology. I understand that recently discovered mental disorders whether beneficial or harmful (in this case both, subjectively), that the research pertaining to lli and neuroscience itself is still in its infancy. Although I do attest that I have never met anyone, who like myself, have the pros and cons you mentioned. Like a square peg in a round world. Thanks for writing this.

  83. jess says:

    Wow you guys. First I was struck by the initial list and was like, great another Dx to add to my list. This is definitely me. I’m really happy to find this, thank you OP, OA or whatever.

    Next I was amused by the nature of all the complex entries by ppl who clearly have LLI. You guys are hillllllarious. Like, when I was in the an*rchist group in college but they could never pick a leader or schedule (chuckle). THEN I was touched by how everyone poured their heart out and was so happy to find others.

    Should we band together and meditate so we can save the world or something? No, we will probably hide in our homes and write to each other at 3 am from our respective rabbit holes. Hahaha. What a funny group, you are my people.

    I note an agitated frustrated thread and even condescension towards the others. (My father went so far as to blatantly assert that we are more conscious beings, unlike the sheeple and was super f’ng judgy and hostile toward them. I am still deciding about this.). I don’t think we are mean or bad people. I think that it is very hard to be out of place and feel oppressed your whole life. I FNG HATED school and fought with teacher-oppressors. You know what peeved me the most was watching their inner insecure skecksie narrow its eyes at me and unsheath its talons and then lash out. I hated being abused by people larger than me when I was small. Then I took a very unconventional path. We can call this the f-you path. Being annoyed by the normies and throwing shade under my breath? Yeah, I think it is understandable sometimes though I try very very very hard to relate. What is that term… neuro… neurodiversity. We’ve been essentially oppressed. I know that sounds freaking ridiculous but it’s true. Need more nerd gatherings.

    I think it is best to train the superpower in private and seek out others that understand us.

    – Do you find it hard to date
    – Do you find it hard to meet people like you and how do you find them
    – How do you get to sleep, this coffee/xanax bullshit is killing me
    – Do you ever get ‘stuck’ down life paths (eg jobs) that you don’t really like or care about but you stubbornly wont’ give up on solving the problem
    – Are you unnaturally good at solving certain problems, but feel embarrassed that you have not found YOUR problem to tackle solve and gift to the universe. One that meets your standards of importance. While at the same time being bored by other peoples projects.
    – Do you feel naked without intellectual problems to work on
    – do you have a hard time just relaxing into one or another recreational activity, and become instantly dissatisfied once you’ve selected it
    – Given greater awareness do you also feel more aware of pain and experience a lot of pain
    – Will I ever find a mate that understands me – I keep trying and failing to make it work with normies even if they are sweet people. Ive never felt more alone than in a relationship with someone that feels like a different SPECIES than me. That’s really what its like. Has anyone surmounted this?

    PS: Omgggggg I totally have the driving thing (getting better with age although I can’t stand being behind someone still, must be in front of everyoine) and also the experiencing others’ emotions – I seem to also feel their physical sensations. I thought it was mirror touch synesthesia, last time I was trying to google what the hell is wrong with me. I have known I was different my whole life, and had to live between the cracks and lines of society.

    Thank you for creating this.

    My best gift to the group!!! >>> Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. This is like a users manual to taming the mind and, incidentally attaining enlightenment which is our purpose according to the ancient yogis. It’s almost humorously no-frills and straightforward, and almost German in its clinical procedural approach to “why are we here” “what is this whole incarnation thing” and how to get lit.

    OK a little more now I understand how everyone wrote long entries. The reason I found this page today was this lead here:

    We really seem to be on a bit of a spectrum hmm? It says that there’s not a correlation between severe mental illness and creativity, but those at the biological PERIPHERY of that person (first order relatives) are more likely to be functional successful creatives. My brother is schizophrenic, sadly it is not just schizotypal. There is a big difference – is is no fun at all to be actually schizophrenic, he exists in a special hell made just for him it’s very sad. But if that is one end of the spectrum and a workaday normie occupies the other end, creative genius is somewhere in that (limnal) in between state/spectrum. Take my dad, exhibited some schizotypal delusions of grandeur, many thought he was a genius, they feared him, his wife developed schizophrenia, they killed each other. But he was very successful and built an empire.

    I am now rambling and probably officially now on a list somewhere. Please answer if you have any tips. Thanks for creating this I feel better already. 🙂 Of to sleep I hope…

  84. Harry says:

    Hi, I feel like I suffer from LLI but I feel like it’s quite unusual. I was not born like this but I feel that ive changed a lot on the way that I process stimuli and I can definitely relate to a lot of things that appear on your pros and cons list. Although I am only 14 years old, I have only spoken vaguely about what I’m experiencing to my parents but they don’t seem to really understand. I also do have a few anxiety issues but I try my best to hide them from people as I get nervous interacting with new faces. I have also a quite high IQ, I had it tested online and the score I got was 146.
    I also tend to obsess myself with small details like, if I step on a section of the pavement with one of my feel I have to step on the opposite one with my opposite foot and I do this with a lot of small things also.
    I felt like this is a place where I could express what is happening in my mind.

  85. Zizi says:

    I don’t have a clue if I have LLI. All that I know is that I process info different from other people and I discovered that early on while studying with other people. For many years I believed that people faked stupidity because they were lazy. It took me many years to finally understand that they weren’t faking it but it was just they brain functioned. I dealed with it, doing as many different things as I could handdle so that I would keep going. At college I skipped classes and I was telling them, I will catch up with you at the exams while keeping myself busy with different subjects. It was easy for me to catch up with everyone at the finish line and that furstrated people. I have a kid who doesn’t want to go to school because he thinks the same thing, that his classmates pretend to be silly and he’s bored and annoyed. Even his teacher for 2 years she kept asking me to take him out of class because she believed that he couldn’t get along with the rest just as a kid with low intelligent can’t keep up with the curicullum so kids who aren’t overage shouldn’t be in her classroom. I asked her when he’s an adult will he be with people of his own “kind” or with all kinds of people? He comes here to learn how to live along with people, all people and realize and accept himself for being different and every human being unique on his/her own terms. Nevertheless she didn’t agree with me. I am glad reading that people dealed with you as fascinating. I got “weird”. People usually respect my point of views but mostly I get invited to meet friends, lovers etc when something doesn’t feel right to them, so that I can point out in a short conversation what they are missing. They use me like a “profiler” sort of thing. I don’t mind that. I mind it when they forget that I do it all the time, even when I am not actually thinking about it when they try to trick me or they remember that and they demand not to do it with them because it makes them feel uncomfortable even if I don’t speak about it. They hate it when I am right about things they don’t like to hear and we just say that’s thanks to intuition. It’s exchausting. I can tell when a friend is telling lies and I can tell why he’s telling that specific lie and I can see in edvance what comes next. Even though I am not stalking people, they get the feeling that I do. To make things easier I hardly speak about what I comprehend about people around me. People take that as hiding things or even worse me telling lies. So human relationships are a real struggle for me always questioning how much info the one standing by me can handle.

  86. Molly says:

    Reading all the comments above me sort of reminds me of those pseudointellectual “I watch Rick and Morty so I must be very smart” memes going around lately. lol….in all seriousness though, this is the only mental diagnosis I have stumbled across on the internet that seems to actually accurately describe me and would account for the things I’ve dealt with over the years. I’m almost 23 and almost can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I was put on SSRIs at the age of 12 due to severe social anxiety growing up at my small private school being the “weird kid”, was on a combo of SSRIs and ADHD meds pretty much all throughout high school, drowned out the noise of my thoughts/traumatic memories/hyperawareness in high school by hyperfocusing on the advanced placement/college level courses I was in, got into my dream school…didn’t take long for all hell to break loose. Got off my meds cold turkey, tried smoking massive amounts of weed in hopes that it would help but it just made it all worse, got re-diagnosed with every kind of anxiety/atypical depression/ADHD you can think of, now I’m here slowly but surely trying to put my life back together. Haven’t been in a relationship in almost three years because I’m trying so hard to focus on getting my shit together and using so much energy towards doing that. I’m a little more than halfway through college and almost set to transfer back to the school I was at and move out of my hometown again (which brings me really hard to deal with inevitable flashback nostalgia all the time just living there). Over the past few years I’ve accumulated a wealth of psychedelic experiences, hard times, amazing times, constant questions, being misunderstood and learning to deal with it, and pretty much everything else. Life with LLI (me being 99% sure this is what i have) is something I wouldn’t trade for a “normal” life experience, but it is really hard. I should be sleeping right now, I had to leave work early and make up a bullshit excuse because how are you supposed to say there’s “too much going on” withoout sounding lazy af, and lately have been dealing with frequent panic attacks. I hope it gets better; I’m trying every day to take care of myself and not let my mind overrule everything else in my life. Good luck to all of you as well!

    • Molly says:

      I also find it really hard to discern if what I’m thinking is an “original thought” or if it’s my mind subconciously trying to relate to other people (usually someone I’ve seen or talked to recently); it is a bit unnverving. Still can’t handle life without ADHD meds (usually Adderall)

  87. Bhairav Jain says:

    Can there be a low latent inhibition to language? I mean I get dragged by each and every word of a sentence. Let’s say the sentence is “I like to playing games a lot”. Then I would start thinking what is playing, I start finding it’s definition, even though I have a sense of understanding what playing is. And them, I would think how to define a game etc, then I am just lost. This doesn’t let me think properly. Is this some kind of mental illness?

  88. Bree says:

    Hi, I’ve been reading all of the comments and I’m kinda confused. I’m 14 and have never been diagnosed with adhd or anything like that, I have been diagnosed with a form of depression and have had suicidal thoughts before. I relate to almost all of the pros and cons to do with LLI but while reading the comments to this post I haven’t had many of the experiences other people have had. I have always excelled in school and am in all of the advanced classes. I’ve found that I skip to conclusions a lot and that I often think through things faster than other people. I’m not sure what that has to do with LLI but I think it could be a possibility that I might have it. I’m not sure about it though and it would be really nice if someone could reply and help me figure it out. Thank you =)
    – Bree

  89. Francie Bratchett says:

    That is, in any case, what professional mathematicians do!
    You additionally see how I gave the previous average as the precise fraction it’s,
    fairly than the rounded decimal model, for more accuracy .
    Small errors get magnified over time, to create greater
    issues later.

  90. Sarah K says:

    Hi. I’m terrified that I might have LLI.
    In the past my school have tried to get me tested for multiple disorders. For example
    Probably OCD
    And Deafness
    The school also made me see a social worker

    I have tried texting this website and a video on LLI to my mum (who has depression) and should understand how difficult it is to talk about mental health. But I can’t belive her she has just ignored my cry for help and carried on like she never got the text (I checked she did). This makes me so sad because she is usually the most accepting person ever. I would really like to bring this up in a conversation but am too scarred as to her possible reactions. Including:
    “Your just having a bad day/over exaggerating”
    “It’s just teenage hormones”
    “It will pass, your just stressed”

    I think my mental state needs to be considered as well as her own. This is the first mention of mental health issues during her life. Where as I have bees brushing with the subject since I was three ( lm nearly 16). I think some of the more negative aspects of my LLI (not professional diagnosed) have been awoken in the past two years. I have had to grow up more than ever before and I can feel it taking its tole. I have never been in a hurry to grow up and through my life have found that I was always more aware than all the other kids that childhood doesn’t last forever. Even as a young primary kid I knew that all school was preparation for the days that are now looming on me.
    I have not been clinically diagnosed with anything but I am fairly certain that is because of the limited resources of where I live ( a small island). But I have taken a LOT of online tests that show me as ranking as mid-high on all of the disorders listed earlier (minus deafness and dyslexia).
    I also tried out of curiosity many IQ tests and I think I fall into the range of a high IQ averaging out at 142-143. I don’t know if that’s high or not but I don’t like talking about it (it feels too much like lm boating. Just as many of the comments on here appear to me). Hat is just my perspective.

    The main issue right now for me is my exams. I can’t function in the exam hall in my school. With 100+ people shuffling papers , coughing , sneezing , moving chairs , scratchingg pens across papers , even simply breathin , the lights , having potential cheaters all around me and not to mention the external noise cars , busses ( yes I can tell the difference by sound) , other students and teachers walking outside the hall , the doors. The place is a sensory hell and makes me want to curl up in a ball and shut down or cry (neither of which I will ever allow myself to do as long as I have even a shred of controls left in me). It is debilitating and seriously hurting the grades I get and I know I can do 1000% better. I try not to be too proud to ask for help but it’s hard after a life of be strong or you’ll get pummel into the ground. My parents are next to no help in this and I am desperate for any advice you might have.
    Anyway if you have read this far (this is with a lot of the details I would want to add cut out for tome and length reasons. I think that is part of LLI).
    A reply would no greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

  91. Kate says:

    I just thought it was a symptom of inattentive type ADHD to go off dow the rabbit hole wondering why about things and anxiety/always being in fight-or-flight that I notice way too much and get sensory overload really easily. How do I tell which is stemming from which? (Whether mediction will be helpful or will make my eyes hurt like it did the last two times I was prescribed ADHD meds). However, I do have most of the “symptoms”/traits on the list.

  92. Tris says:

    Would my LLI (self diagnosed with extensive research and the close review of family who have been by my side nearly every day of my life) be a feasible reason for extra sturdy periods at school? It would only be replacing 1 period of RE and 1 period of PE a week but this would make a tremendous amount of difference to me as I get a lot oh headaches after a school day from an exponential amount of processing. I am a fifth year senior student and will be 16 in a month. I am now tackling my HIGHERS in biology, chemistry, English and fashion and textile technologie ( FTT). I have these classes every day and they require me to remember a lot of important information and I fear for my performance if I must participate in core classes that I am not comfortable, happy or interested with participating in. These classes provide me with on sense of purpose and are a waste of my time which would be better spent studying/doing homework. I also find that I am more self-desiplined and perform at my best during the first half of the day (when I have these classes). If I were allowed to use these periods for my preferred use I strongly feel that I would be able to build a very strong foundation for continuing my studies at home and throught the year. This is something I have never been able to achieve before no matter how hard I have tried in the past.
    Is this a valid/ strong enough argument to get these periods for personal use?
    My mums first try was rejected as it didn’t contain any link to a mental condition, family / home life trouble or extra support needs. My guidance teacher did say that we could try again if a valid reason came up. But I am very scarred to expose my LLI to my school. There is also the huge possibility that they will misunderstand the condition

    Thanks. Just looking for a second opinion and this site seemed like an apt place to post it with the LLI and all.

  93. Name says:

    How would you go about diagnosing, or finding out more about this? I was reading through this, and although I can’t understand the driving thing as I do not drive, XD almost everything else, I have never seen something so accurately describe my life. I was looking through this and just being astonished at how specifically correct this is to me personally.

  94. Evan M says:

    “Some people will turn to narcotics or chemicals because it feels as though it helps them escape from or dulls down the constant influx of stimuli, for example alcohol or marijuana.”

    Yes, but the only drugs I do are psychedelics and amphetamines. Psychedelics to explore my mind, integrate my shadow, and break from culture’s limitations on thought. Amphetamines to feel more accepted, motivated (having depression and emotionally abusive parents), and to be able to focus without distraction. I’m probably misdiagnosed with ADHD but I’ll take the free speed. However, I am MUCH more prone to stimulant psychosis. A few months ago I got into oral meth for a few weeks, and it only took binging for 2 days to go into psychosis and start seeing bugs. Since then I haven’t been binging stimulants, always make sure to get proper sleep ha! I also take a ton of nootropics, I’ve actually been using them to lessen my amphetamine consumption.

  95. Alona says:

    I think I could add some personal cons:
    1) Difficulty in handling bureaucracy and paperwork entailing.
    2) With time, lesser people to bond with.
    3) In-clarity about “social” rules (a former guide called it the ugly-duckling syndrome: you cannot expect a swan to quack like a duck and walk like a duck….) – trying makes it usually worse.
    4) Mostly deep disappointment sensation – realising a year (or two, or three…) later that you were right about a process and it’s ending, if it remains on the same course – brings no satisfaction. On the contrary. It brings up feelings of futility. Except for the people who took the trouble to call you and tell you, you were right “then”, nothing changes and anyway, you left it way behind you – ’cause no one could even begin to understand what you were “warning” them about – people and organisations alike.
    5) Wishing, too often, that I would be wrong about my “prophecies”. Truly and frankly with all my heart, I mostly wish I were wrong. With no change, things usually do not get better…
    6) There is little good about it for you (except for being able to acquire knowledge “out of thin air” and in a short period of time). The only time the knowledge one has and acquires can be of services is in the rare occasions of catastrophes – when everybody else freezes or “shuts down”.
    * Remember society is made up mostly of ducks – you will never learn how to walk or talk like one… Not really…

  96. Kevin says:

    How is one diagnosed with LLI? These pros and cons descriptions fit me quite well. The first time I heard of LLI I was watching Prison Break and it piqued my interest.

  97. Ebony Chapman says:

    Hey, I think I might have LLI, how do I go about finding out

  98. Finlay says:

    I sort of get bullied about my mental state

  99. Jim Anderson says:

    hi again folks
    i have met a few people who clearly display symptoms and associations with issues determined by my understanding of LLI. in one case my friend has been having seizures and it manifests itself when anxiety hits the dizzy heights her brain cannot handle- resultant -2 strokes at the same time of her seizures -her brain took too much of a rest and so the heart followed, but i think the interesting thing is she has to shut down as too much information was actually becoming unbearable- LLI- she certainly has all the traits and symptoms described.

  100. jim says:

    I have pointed over 9 grateful people to this site-There is a common trait and type of personality shared-simply-a deep rooted feeling of insecurity. LLI leads to a need to understand the world too quickly. Often we can forget to understand ourselves.
    People with (for want of a less awful word), or living with, LLI, will unwittingly nurture their lack of self belief,
    Yes a pro is adapting to one’s surroundings easily, but at what cost? Self- doubt undermines many advantages and pros of this cognitive state. The self doubt or insecurity, is a product of it surely


  101. alec jordan says:

    Just a shout out to the webmaster, nice job putting this site together – good info for LLI sufferers. I say sufferers because I have lived with this condition undiagnosed for 60 years. Miss-diagnosed may be a better word because over the many years of therapy and treatment from doctors saying this pill will help or this pill, or this one, or i give up. I was given an IQ test in the early 70s that gave a result of 155+ but the LLI was unknown in those days so after my constant correcting of teachers in class, and general non-adherence to rules and conformity – I was sent away to private school. After 2.5 years there I was sent home and told not to return because they could not accept that a 14 year old Canadian kid could finish the hardest high school in the world at that time when most graduates were 18 or over. (Flint School – American) I will not go into the subsequent 40 years of addictions, failed marriages, incarcerations, etc, etc… but – through it all I kept begging heath professionals for help from what I described as a social alienation dilemma coupled with uncontrollable thought processes for which I used narcotics to bring myself into some form of social normality and acceptances by anybody.
    LLI as a diagnosis came into my life some 20 years ago but no treatment to help. So I live life as a person who understands the world in terms of basic principles. Core reasons are my goal in understanding any instance or situation but I have learnt that I may be the only person who thinks this way, at least in what may be called ‘normal’ circles of persons.
    Anyway long explanations are a symptom so I better sum up. Nice website, very helpful info but do you know in which direction medications are being developed, or are already out there, that can offer some relief from the more debilitating symptoms? (insomnia, rapid thought processes, anxiety, depression) Or is the is the strategy still to medicate individual symptoms as if they were not connected to an underlaying condition. Has a definitive test for yet LLI been established? and, Has the exact location of the cause been isolated in the brain and can it be real-time observed in function by scan or EKG?
    Thank you
    at 4am my time
    HA! LLIers are sure different.

  102. David Toomey says:

    Inaccuracy report –
    “the fact that it is a personality trait”

    While there is no formal diagnosis for LLI, latent inhibition is a process in the subconscious mind that has been well documented. It is a mental function that every human possesses.

    Mental conditions are not personality traits in and of themselves, however the strong link between creative personality types and those with low latent inhibition has been well documented in recent years. This is a correlation and there are plenty of outliers. LLI is a mental condition that most definitely becomes an underlying piece that contributes strongly to the personality of an individual, but it is not in and of itself a personality trait.

    While there are various health sites that claim that LLI is a personality trait, these statements clearly conflict with the actual research papers that study these correlations. This is a common issue with blogs and news outlets.

    “Recent evidence has suggested, however, that reductions in LI are also associated with the personality trait Openness to Experience.” (Carson, S. H., Peterson, J. B., & Higgins, D. M., 2003; Peterson & Carson, 2000; Peterson, Smith, & Carson,

    See a few examples below:

    Peterson, J. B., & Carson, S. (2000). Latent inhibition and openness to
    experience in a high-achieving student population. Personality and
    Individual Differences, 28, 323–332.

    Peterson, Jordan B, et al. “Openness and Extraversion Are Associated with Reduced Latent Inhibition: Replication and Commentary.” Personality and Individual Differences, vol. 33, no. 7, 2002, pp. 1137–1147., doi:10.1016/s0191-8869(02)00004-1.

    Chirila, Cristina, and Aneta Feldman. “Study of Latent Inhibition at High-Level Creative Personality The Link between Creativity and Psychopathology.” Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences, vol. 33, 2012, pp. 353–357., doi:10.1016/j.sbspro.2012.01.142.

    Carson, S. H., Peterson, J. B., & Higgins, D. M. (2003). Decreased Latent Inhibition Is Associated With Increased Creative Achievement in High-Functioning Individuals. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 85(3), 499–506.

  103. enola says:

    Does someone have experiences with maladaptive daydreaming in addition to LLI?

  104. gamer1011020 says:


  105. Marshal DeFord says:

    So I first heard about LLI because YouTube Shorts promoted a bunch of clips from a TV show about this guy who orchestrates a prison break or something, and the term had stuck with me for a while since I saw the clip so I decided to look it up. After reading these pros and cons, I found out a whole lot about myself than the many visits to counselors, doctors, and therapists I was made to do during my formative years. In terms of these pros listed, I heavily relate to points 1,2,3,4,5,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14, and 15 very well as well as 6 to a lesser degree, and in terms of the cons I heavily relate to everything in points 1-15, and especially when it comes to point 2 since doctors always wanted to put an ADHD/ADD label on me and had also diagnosed me with Aspergers Syndrome and Order Defiance Disorder (ODD).
    While I understant that self-diagnosis is frowned upon, and that this is a relatively hard thing to diagnose in general, let alone self diagnose, I do believe that LLI, as I understand it, explains more about me in more accurate and demonstrable detaill than any previous diagnosis.
    Before I finish this I’d like to make one long observation which I’ll explain thouroughly, and am interested to hear any opinions in regards to this take; When it comes to psychologists and therapists, having patients is important so it’s in their best interest to give a diagnosis that results a patient making multiple visits, as well as having patients on prescriptions in order to increase the likelyhood of the patient visiting again. Autism and ADHD are both something that can be diagnosed in order to help ensure that someone becomes a regular patient since both are classified as mental/behavioral disorders which psychologists and therapists are intended to treat, and they both are generally a diagnosis that says something is wrong with the patient. LLI on the other hand, being a personality trait, doesn’t cause a patient to revisit the psychologist and/or therapist since once after the patient understands what LLI is and that they have LLI then they no longer need to make any more visits or take prescriptions (unless the patient has a ratherlow IQ,) especially since LLI as a condition is more empowering to the patient than Autism or ADHD/ADD. I believe that this may be why LLI hasn’t had as much effort into creating tests to diagnose and why it’s made out to be a hard thing to diagnose, a notion I disagree with since I notice a bunch of things I did especially as a young child that would make decent potential indicatiors of LLI.
    Again, I’m open to all opinions anyone would like to reply to me with, and I hope everyone reading this has a good day.

  106. Sarah says:

    Hermione Granger in Harry Potter!
    “Actually, I’m highly logical which allows me to look past extraneous detail and perceive clearly that which others overlook.”

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