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Please read before joining

Registration Process
It is worth noting that although the previous forum was secure, anybody was able to sign up and then read the posts. As you may have already noticed this forum requires approval from myself before I accept anybody who applies and I will be making sure to only accept legitimate applications. I may from time to time reply to your registration e-mail asking you a few questions which I require answers to before then signing you up. Please do not consider this to be personal and appreciate that these extra checks are occasionally being carried out in order to keep the forum a more secure environment for those posting.

Reporting Inappropriate Posts
If you see any posts on the forum that you think are either spam, offensive or inappropriate please choose the ‘report post’ option you will find above the post. All of the forum moderators can review flagged posts and then either allow or delete these posts.

Please enjoy the forum and respect other members at all times. Hostility and spamming will NOT be tolerated and users found to be showing hostility or spamming anything on the forum will be warned twice, and then banned on the third occasion.

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