This website has been made by people who themselves live with low latent inhibition in an effort to provide useful and relevant information. We have done so due to the lack of readily available material or research in the area; which results in not only a high number of misdiagnoses but also makes learning to live with low latent inhibition an extremely challenging experience.

It is our goal to ensure that the content of our resource and discovery centre appeals to everybody and offers a unique and insightful experience to all who come here.

Living with low latent inhibition ourselves, has allowed us to combine many of our individual experiences and on-going research in an effort to provide the most effective help and advice that we can. Whether you think you may have low latent inhibition yourself or are a parent or loved one who would like to know as much as possible about life with LLI, we hope you find everything that you come here for.

The Help & Advice section and the questions and answers that will be featured there have been put together based on our own experiences and are aimed at those who have thus far not been able to find the answers they seek. It is our attempt to help make a positive difference for all those whose lives are affected by LLI.

Due to the nature of low latent inhibition and its link with creativity we have also decided to include a gallery section; for those who wish to further explore the different and unique forms of expression and art that can come from those with LLI. We feel that this will help show how broad a spectrum there can be in terms of the difference between one individual with low latent inhibition and another. Just as personality types differ, so too do the effects of LLI.

The About Us section is where you will find information on each of us so that you are able to better relate to and understand the how great the contrast is between one person with LLI and another. If you would like to contact any of us for any reason, whether it be a question that you feel may be answered better by one of us in particular, or anything else then please do so.

We welcome you to the low latent inhibition resource and discovery centre and hope that it makes the difference we aim to achieve.


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