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Albert Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony

Here is a short documentary detailing some of the final works of Albert Einstein. Many believe that Einstein himself had low latent inhibition which allowed him to make so many incomprehensible connections that other humans beings simply could not.

Many people believe that Einsteins IQ was actually around the 140 mark rather than the assumption that it was much higher. This highlights the fact that IQ alone is not responsible for creative genius,  neither is low latent inhibition on its own (as we can see in cases of schizophrenia for example, where there is low latent inhibition but an insufficient IQ to handle it). This helps support the theory that its actually the combination of  high IQ and low latent inhibition that is responsible for creative genii.

As Albert Einstein lay on his deathbed, he asked only for his glasses, his writing implements and his latest equations. He knew he was dying, yet he continued his work. In those final hours of his life, while fading in and out of consciousness, he was working on what he hoped would be his greatest work of all. It was a project of monumental complexity. It was a project that he hoped would unlock the mind of God.

BBC Horizon 2005

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3 Responses to Albert Einstein’s Unfinished Symphony

  1. Minimum says:

    Would you people stop trying to be so desperate in proving you are geniuses.
    God damn fools

    • Dale Webb says:

      Geniuses have no need to prove to anyone that they are just that. I imagine you’d find that those who are a genius are too busy ‘doing’ things to be bothered with advertising the fact that they regard themselves a genius. Whether someone is a genius or not isn’t a decision that they have made themselves it is the interpretation of that individuals actions by others, and it’s very interesting that your interpretation of this website is such that you believe it is used for people to attempt to prove that they are. Have you noted the frequency of new content on the website or lack thereof lately? Do you think that’s possibly because the people who contribute to this site are busy with many other projects which in itself proves that they aren’t using this website to attempt to prove that they are of genius status?

      I chose to show your comment here because if myself or anyone else were indeed trying to prove somehow that we are geniuses, we wouldn’t want to be exposed to the world via comments like yours would we?

      I’m sorry you felt it worthwhile to use some seconds of your life to post that comment rather than to offer something productive. This website is designed to offer help, guidance and support to people as well as giving a unique perspective on various subjects from those who experience the world differently.

      If you wish to actually have a conversation with anybody involved or would like to offer a reasonable justification as to why your interpretation of this website is what it is then we look forward to meeting you in the facebook group.

      We appreciate your opinion, thank you.

    • Dale Webb says:

      It’s also worth noting in case you hadn’t noticed yourself, that every article on the site offers some form of guidance or information that would be of help to people with similar questions or concerns as those individuals who believe they may have low latent inhibition, and have you noted the positive feedback left by people or the way in which people are working to help point others in the right direction?

      Albert Einstein is believed by many to have had low latent inhibition himself due to the traits he exhibited and the creative nature of his work/research etc, (he was supposedly very extroverted when interacting with others and was of course extremely introverted when focused on a pursuit). That ability to effectively switch between introversion and extroversion to regain energy after having been exposed to or having processed extreme amounts of stimuli is one of many traits Einstein had, that the majority of individuals with LLI also have. I therefore deemed a video of his as relevant to this website and would be interested why you think posting a fairly generic video of his is evidence of people attempting to prove their genius status? Would it not be easier for someone to prove their genius status by actually posting quantum mechanic formulae or workings on this site or their research into the world of quantum physics because a genius would after all be smart enough to realise that posting complicated scientific formulae would validate their genius status in the public eye far more than posting a public video in relation to Einstein?

      Again, thank you for your opinion.

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